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St. Patrick's Tournament


These are the final results of the tournament! Behold the winners!

The tournament is now closed.
Playing games won't affect your score in this tournament until it reopens.

St. Patrick\'s $10000 tournament!

  1. $100 buy-in
  2. $10 000 prize pool for 100 players
  3. MAR-15 the list will be cut in half
  4. MAR-23 there will be 20 players remaining
  5. MAR-30 Grand finale begins with 5 players remaining
  6. MAR-31 The best of the best, 3 remaining players will battle
  7. APR-1 The winners will be announced!
  8. All prizes will be processed until APR-10
  9. Spin and have fun!

You are making history as we speak. This is the first tournament of its kind in Yabby Casino!

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