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St. Patrick's Tournament


These are the final results of the tournament! Behold the winners!

Username Points Reward
Linco***** 402,829.62 $1500 cash
Smo*** 287,660.72 $1000 cash
Rtom***** 234,484.33 $750 cash
Ree*** 207,505.83 $500 cash
nk1*** 173,668.06 $250 cash
The tournament is now closed.
Playing games won't affect your score in this tournament until it reopens.

St. Patrick\'s $10000 tournament!

  1. $100 buy-in
  2. $10 000 prize pool for 100 players
  3. MAR-15 the list will be cut in half
  4. MAR-23 there will be 20 players remaining
  5. MAR-30 Grand finale begins with 5 players remaining
  6. MAR-31 The best of the best, 3 remaining players will battle
  7. APR-1 The winners will be announced!
  8. All prizes will be processed until APR-10
  9. Spin and have fun!
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