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Now that the holidays are over, don’t you feel energized and ready to go back to everyday routine? Yeah, that’s right. Yabby neither. If he could just stay there, doing nothing for the rest of his life while the cash keeps pouring. Ah…. Sweet thoughts, but not too realistic, I hear you say. Nevertheless, there is one place where the impossible things happen on regular basis. The unicorn world! No, just joking. You may know what I am referring to. If you read more about the dream which Yabby had recently, you will guess quickly. This is another great chance to get your hands on the 200 January free spins for guessing the name of Yabby’s dream-world visitor. You will find the question within the text. Leave your reply and username in the comments below before January 24th, 2022. Welcome to another Yabby Adventure.

Yabby’s Dream

You know how Mondays can be lazy. I love them. Sometimes I wish I could have the privilege of laziness more often. But what can be done?

I am slightly ashamed to admit, but recently I overslept when I was supposed to be at work very early in the morning. I simply couldn’t get myself out of bed, or out of the strange universe in which I obviously found myself when I fell asleep.

It’s ludicrous when I think about it now, but at that moment, while I was dreaming, I had honestly been persuaded that something big was going to happen. Moreover, that I would play a crucial role in the future of humanity. That dream set the mood for the rest of the week, as far as I was concerned. It bothered me and excited me at the same time. I felt the sense of duty and honor, as well as fear. I believe you can relate to fear when you imagine me saving the world, right?

For the rest of the week, I kept getting flashbacks and the words I heard in the dream lingered on. My mind was high on something, which happened for the first time ever. Some kind of chemistry was at work here, that’s for sure. Or, did I took a peek behind the scenes of this world?

The Message

So, let’s get down to business here. You obviously wish to get your hands on those 200 January free spins, and I keep blabbing about how important I felt. The main thing is that during that dream, a deep voice spoke to me. It was a manly voice with encouraging attitude. He was basically navigating my thoughts in the right direction, trying to persuade me that I was the one, the chosen being to save this civilization. I found it hard to believe that higher forces, other entities or whoever or whatever decides about the savior, thought of me.

The voice was slightly irritated by my disbelief and lack of self-awareness. So, he said:

Don’t THINK you are. KNOW you are.”

“Easier said than done, deep throat”, I thought to myself. But there was so much simple truth in his words that I embraced them for good.

How to Get 200 January Free Spins?

Now, don’t think that I am a crazy mate who cannot tell dreams from reality. However, I am certain that I heard this line before. And the deep voice also sounded familiar. As if we met before, more than once.

Also, I remember that he had the name that sounded serious, as if he came from ancient times. Later, I found that the meaning of his name was: Greek god of dreams. Now, I am not sure if this helps, but there is another hint I can share. I remember that he was the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar.

Can you guess the name of my friend from the dream world?


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