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We did it, guys. We finally finished this year off. Queue all anticlimactic party horn sound. PFFFF. This year in retrospect might not look much better than the last, but it was. Why? Because you were better. Yeah, I am looking at you buddy! But what to do now? Uuuu, I know! Some resolutions for 2022! So, let’s look at the challenges we had to face, and the lessons we learned facing them. And we are off to the 2022 New Year’s Resolution at casino Yabby!

The Challenges For Your 2022 New Year’s Resolution

Constant onslaughts of battles were coming our way on a professional and personal level. And with the pandemic here to stay, it appeared and sometimes still looks like the losing battle. But Casino Yabby was there to offer you a helping hand with free spins and bonuses galore.

Assigning blame to everyone for everything. The world can be a messed up place sometimes, especially if you don’t get that last lamp for a bonus round in 5wishes. And assigning blame in the short term might seem a good choice to cope with this fact. But, this doesn’t do anything in the long run if a new loss comes. Thankfully there is always our good old friend Cashback!

Starting and not finishing things. Hey, we have all been their buddy. You started playing a slot and it just doesn’t feel right so you move on to Plentiful Treasure, and then 5 wishes. But do you know what else started (well not his year but in 2020) and won’t finish this year ( because it will continue into the next). Yabbies Ocean Adventures! The blog promotions were a smash hit among you and are sure to continue going into 2022! That’s a 2022 New Years resolution we plan on keeping!

Idealizing your wins and failures. Losses are not so bad and a big win can sometimes feel just okay (nah, they’re always awesome!). How awesome? Just ask the people who played Loose Deuces, The highest paying game of this year on Casino Yabby!

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Not trusting yourself enough. Doubt is the greatest poison to the soul. When you are doing one thing and feel like doing another you are split in so many directions.

Okay with the challenges on display and let’s look at the lessons we can learn from facing them. This will help us decide on the 2022 New Year’s Resolution.

2022 New Year’s Resolution & Lessons

You are the one who decides, what and when to face in your life. The most important and dearest things in your life will affect what you fight for. Money, power, women or creativity, health and family, these are all connected, but you’ll need to choose some over the others. You have limited time and energy, so choose wisely.

Accept what you can and can’t affect in life and move forward. Blaming others helps none because you can’t change people, they are who they are. But blaming yourself might seem like a solution, but isn’t in the long run. Be kind too, but don’t stop challenging yourself and you are sure to win.

Build up knowledge and experience over the course of your lifetime. Learning new things might seem hard, but stick with it and you’ll find joy in it guaranteed. Things will come easier, like their second nature to you. So, find the highest RTP games and stick with them. On that note. I heard that Dimond fiesta, the most played game on Yabby in 2021, has pretty high RTP, so jump in!

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Become a river that flows through all the rocks and riches. Relax. Just have fun flowing from one spin to the next in your gaming journey. If you do so, the losses won’t be so bitter and you will be more grateful for big wins.

Your losses are here to help so don’t block them out when making decisions. Know who to trust, listen to their guidance but know the choice is always on you. So, when you are making your 2022 New Year’s Resolution keep both good and bad on your mind and maybe share some big wins with the team. Also don’t forget to spread the word that at Casino Yabby our withdrawals are, now say it with me: INSTANT WITHDRAWALS!

Happy Holidays!


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