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Another chance to win great prizes is here! Your favourite casino games will take you on a crazy ride and breathe new life into your gaming. New hot Pimp My Ride tournament starts today and it’s going to be wild! What kind of rewards can you win? Tons! Read on to find out what Yabby came up with this August!

About “Pimp My Ride”

The name of our monthly tournament is inspired by the iconic TV show. If you are car lover, we are sure this TV show defined your love towards vehicles. The show consists of taking a car in poor condition and restoring and customizing it. Basically, making junk car look much better. “Pimp My Ride” was one of MTV’s most popular shows. Plenty of rides were certainly pimped. The flame throwing car, a van with a hot tub and a disco minivan are only a few examples of the craziest upgrades we have seen.

So, this show was an inspiration for this monthly tournament. We wanted to remind you of the good old days of early-2000s and try to upgrade your gameplay! Now, let’s see the details of the tournament closely. Put your seat belt on, it will be a crazy ride!

Pimp My Ride Tournament Rules

As we said, Yabby’s monthly tournament is live from today, the 5th of August. It will last until the 31st of August, so don’t hesitate and start the game now. Be ready to compete and if you end up in the top 100 you have a chance to collect a lot of cash, chips, and free spins. The cherry on top is the tournament prize pool of whopping $20 000. The player who finishes the competition with the best result will get a $2000 cash prize!

How to Qualify?

We know these offers intrigued you but let’s go through a few details more. The first step you should take to join the tournament is to qualify for participation. One-time deposit of at least $100 opens the door to competition. Remember the tournament starts today, so hurry up!

Kick off your gaming journey with a bang – Pimp My Ride tournament! These offers give you a chance to collect impeccable prizes, from free spins to real money. Remember – luck is always here, but you have to reach out for it! Let’s spin and have fun!

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