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It’s no secret that pokies can be lucrative, and it remains one of the most popular games in online casinos. However, it is very important to understand how it actually works. Winning online pokies isn’t necessarily easy, but luck has an important role to play. In these circumstances, some pokie myths evolved as a holly truth that people believe in.

Pokies Have Hot Streaks

Someone who is consistently winning or losing playing RTG pokies might begin to believe that pokies have “hot streaks”. Of course, it isn’t true because pokie machines are programmed so that spins are random.

Casinos Manipulate Pokie Machines

This is one of the pokie myths which is related to the previous one. There are some people that will insist that casinos manipulate pokies, but the truth is that casinos certainly do not need to resort to this behavior. Casinos do not need to “fix” or “rig” pokie machines in order to be profitable. These are already extremely profitable, so that wouldn’t make any sense.

Pokies Are Rewarding Loyalty

Many players think that if they spend a lot of money playing certain pokie than the odds might improve in their favor. In other words, they believe that pokies are rewarding loyalty. The truth is that you can get rewards only from casinos, through their loyalty program. It offers plenty of privileges for loyal players which are divided into several categories.

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