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Gambling will always be an industry that is surrounded by myths and misbeliefs. That probably comes from the people’s necessity to explain to themselves why they didn’t get anything, even though they played passionately. The world of online pokies can be tough to understand for newcomers or for those who are coming from land-based casinos. To prevent you from getting fooled by fake stories, we are going to bust some pokie myths today.

Pokie Myths: There are Payouts Cycles

Many people believe in predicting winning the jackpot by counting how many spins passed between one prize to the next one. But we have to say that is not true. A lot of beginners believe in this, but the truth is that pokies are based on a random number generator. That means that every spin of a pokie is a random and independent event. Pokies have no memory of past wins when determining the result of the next spin. That being said, win or lose cycles aren’t programmed.

Payouts Are Possible Only After You Invest A Certain Amount

Moving on to another pokie myth. Inexperienced players usually believe that you can’t get any money unless you deposit a certain amount of money. The truth is that casinos don’t make money in this way. Pokies have an RTP: return-to-player which is usually calculated as a percentage. This rate is calculated on millions of spins. So, for example, in a normal session of a few hundred to thousand spins, some will lose, some break even and the few lucky ones will win. You win if you’re lucky and there’s no more conspiracy to it.

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Pokies Are Rewarding Loyalty

Many players think that if they invest a lot of money then the odds might improve in their favor. Well, no. The real truth is that there are numerous other ways to get rewards from casinos, one of which is through the loyalty program. It offers plenty of privileges for loyal players which are divided into several categories. The most common online casino rewards for loyal players are numerous free spins, free chips, cashback bonuses, or big deposit boosts. Check out the Yabby Casino VIP program and meet the whole new level of playing!

Newer Pokies Pay Better Than Old Ones

New games are also often better looking and full of exciting features, making it seem like they pay more. But this is just a myth as well because all pokies run on the same foundation – the random number generator. New slots usually have more ways to win, but the RTP of new and old slots are not that different.

Pokie Myths: Bonus Offers Are Scams

We’re finishing the debunking of the most common pokie myths with the one that says that you can’t win using bonuses.

Well, bonuses are real and can be earned. What is important with casino bonuses is that you have to check the terms and conditions that apply. You also must understand how casino games work and the potential that bonuses have before you start playing. They are great because you can play with the casino’s money, and, for example, get back the investment to yourself.

We would also like to remind you that during November you can claim no rules bonus at the instant withdrawal casino Yabby. That means that you will play with no max cash out and no wagering requirements. And that’s not all, you can redeem the bonus twice a day!

Now that you know about some of these myths, you can play more confidently and enjoy your winnings. In the future, avoid the myths because they can only cause a lot of headaches. Focus on the entertainment and just have fun. Good luck!

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