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Yabby Casino provides you with a lot of gambling games that you can play with your friends. Still, some of them are pretty special. Why? Prepare yourself to find out! Today, we are going to go through the 7 unique gambling games that you can play at your next home gathering. Let’s start!

Unique Gambling Games

It’s great when you can gamble and have fun with your friends at the same time. These 7 unique gambling games are going to be all about the betting excitement that you can share with your friends the next time you hang out. Stay with us because these games will be useful to you the next time you want to organize a party that will be remembered!


Dreidel is a fun game with a great historical background. It was created a long time ago in the first years of the new era as a safe way for Jews to study Torah. Greek King Antiochus IV had outlawed all Jewish religious worship in 175 BCE and dreidel was their answer to that. Today, dreidel is played as a Hanukah tradition in Jewish homes all around the world.

How is it played? For the game, you need at least two players, dreidel which is the four-sided spinning top made of wood, plastic, or the proverbial clay, and something to use as tokens. These are all the things that you can easily get and make your party unforgettable.

Rodent Roulette

This is a special kind of roulette, as you should be aware of from the start. Nevertheless, this game involves betting on different-colored holes on a spinning wheel. And what is on the center of the wheel? White rat! Yup, this is not really the kind of game that you want to play at home with your friends unless you don’t have special tendencies towards rodents. But you cannot say that game isn’t unique, don’t you?

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War is a table game, and the urban myth is that it is one of the easiest card games to understand. So, to play this you need people and cards, of course. We have players and dealers, as we are already accustomed to these terms. Why is it called war? In the case in which player and dealer have the same rank, the player has an option to go to war with the other player or a dealer. If you are a fan of the table games, war should be your pick.

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

So, you all know what tic-tac-toe is and how to play it. Yet have you ever thought about playing it with a live chicken? It sounds like a unique experience, that’s for sure. Take one chicken and try to teach it how to play the tic-tac-toe game. There are videos of it on the web, so feel free to find out more about the topic. As a bonus, some land-based casinos are branding themselves with this type of game.


Horse betting is a famous thing, but betting on birds? Yes, you heard me right, Birdsong is a game in which you put your bet on the living and breathing singing birds. It is a popular gambling game in Belgium. In this game, you have birds that you keep in gilded cages and are instructed to sing in turns for bettors. Players bet their money on which bird they believe will sing the longest or loudest. It’s really that simple! If your bird out-sings the rest, you win. Sounds fascinating!


We are moving to China now. Fan-tan is a traditional Chinese game that is pretty similar to roulette. History says that this game was created in the 3rd and 4th centuries in southern China during the Wing dynasty. Fan-tan is still available at Macau casinos. Now, a little about the game itself. Each player must play a card during their turn if possible. In the case that a person cannot play, they should put one chip in the pot and the turn passes to the left. The end of the game is when one player gets rid of all of his cards.


Pachinko is the biggest obsession for the people in Japan. You cannot play this type of game anywhere because it is mechanical, and it can be played on a special device. To be precise, in Japan, pachinko is considered a great replacement for slot machines. If you want to play it, you need to insert cash or cards directly into the machine you want to use and you will get metal balls. Then, you shoot these balls into the machine. Your goal is to have as many balls as possible because that will create larger winning odds.

Try out these 7 unique gambling games but don’t forget to also try our online casino games at your favorite Yabby Casino! We are waiting for you and a lot of awesome games are on the table. May the luck be with you!

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