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You have chosen pokies as your favorite game. A wise choice, may I say. Welcome to a very large community of players who prefer spinning the reels and making some real cash. Before you dive into the magnificent and unpredictable world of online pokies, you should get to know the basics. Therefore, consider this text as a short guide to paytables in pokies.

What is a Paytable?

When you see an “info” icon on the homepage of a pokie game, that’s the paytable that you should check out.

Before you start playing, you should learn some of the main symbols in a pokie game. Both Wilds and Scatters are explained in a paytable.

Also, pokies have their own rules. Paytable is a place where all of these details are listed. Therefore, we could say that it is sort of a map that helps you navigate the game.

Paytable Explains the Payout

Among other things, paytable explains the list of payouts in a particular pokie game. This means that in this table you can find the information on how the game will payout. It takes into consideration symbols, bonus rounds, and all other special features.

Therefore, paytable is important because it can provide details on all possible winning combinations, so players know what to look for.

How to Interpret the Symbols on Paytable

So, you’ve opened a paytable, but cannot find your way around it? No worries. Basically, paytables may have few pages stating the important information. Many players go straight to the game, without paying too much attention to the paytable. However, if you are a beginner, it is better to get to know the theory and rules behind the pokie game first.

The first page of a paytable usually differentiates the Wild and the Scatters. As you will come to see, these are two most important symbols in a pokie game.

The general rule of a thumb is that Wilds replace all other symbols except Scatters in order to form a winning combination. On the other hand, Scatters unlock special features when they appear on the reels. Paytables should specify the exact number of these symbols, their values and the variations of their appearing, to provide players with valuable information on what to expect.

How to Read the Special Features on Paytable

Paytables in pokies offer info on special features. Each pokie contains either free spins or bonus rounds as a special feature. Paytable can tell you how many free spins you can expect to get once you trigger the bonus round. Additionally, it provides the information on what kind of a multiplier appears in a free spins round.

Lastly, paytables explain the paylines. Most players love this chart, as it gives the exact outline on all possible lines and directions in which winning symbols can appear.  

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