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There is probably no other game that you can learn so easily. Baccarat is the game of logic and one of the most frequently played games at any casino. Its simplicity lies in a fact that either a player wins, or the dealer (a.k.a. the banker), or there is a tie. In order to learn how to think while playing Baccarat, you should get to know the basics, and explore some strategies. Today, bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino brings you Baccarat basics and the most popular strategy. Do not forget to check out the selection of other games as well.

Some Basic Rules

The interesting thing about Baccarat is that the dealer does most of the work. It is up to players to bet on a side which they think has the stronger chances of winning or call it a tie. Following are the Baccarat basics:

  • We count cards up to 9 as face value, while 10s, jacks, kings and queens have the values of a zero. An ace is worth a 1.
  • Dealer deals the cards face up, two each for the player and the banker. The hand that gets closest to 9, wins. Having bet on a player in this situation means that your winnings are double your bet. Otherwise, in case you bet on a banker hand and that hand wins, 95% of your wager will be paid out.
  • Things get a bit more interesting when the total of a hand exceeds 9. For example, the total of a hand is 13. In that kind of a situation, we simply drop the digit 1 from 13 and we count the hand value as 3.
  • In case the player gets the total of 5 or less, then he or she has the right to one more card. Otherwise, the player stands.
  • When the player stands, the banker hits on a total of 5 or less.
  • A total of 8 or 9 received by either the player or a banker, means that both parties will stand.
  • A tie pays out 8 to 1.

The Most Popular Strategy

As in every other casino game, there are strategies in Baccarat as well. People develop them through constant playing and better understanding of a game. They come in handy when you need advice or a pattern to follow. The “One-Sided Strategy” is the most popular one in Baccarat.

The reason for this is that it provides 80% of chances in your favor to gain advantage. Baccarat gives you the chance to bet on 1 side to win at least 1 unit with 80% of chances. You can also choose to do flat bets. However, most of the experienced players do not recommend this. The reason is simple. It is way more difficult to push for at least 3 unit wins to gain an advantage.  

What to Look Out For

Be aware of the fact that it is always safer to set the number of units at the very beginning, the same as your betting limit. This is not purely Baccarat basics-related. It should be a general rule in many table games. As in some other casino games, Baccarat also recommends to stop betting once you have lost 3 consecutive times. That is the moment to pause and wait for the player’s side to hit once again. Be consistent and pay attention. Give it a try and good luck!

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