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Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and continues to keep steady. Regardless of the occasional bear periods, Bitcoin and blockchain technology have already made an irreversible impact on our societies and the way we run businesses or invest money. We have explored some of the Bitcoin advantages facts.

It Secures Anonymity Beyond Compare

All transactions with BTC happen on blockchain. This technology enables for tracing of all transactions, as well as all details related to the transaction itself. At the same time, the identity of the two parties involved remains completely hidden. Nowadays it is extremely difficult to break the anonymity of this decentralized peer-to-peer network.

On the other end of the spectrum, banks are running the businesses the traditional way and this level of anonymity is not achievable in traditional institutions. Neither is possible with transferring money via any online platform.

Bitcoin Means Lower Fees and Less Paperwork

Basically, Bitcoin removed the difficulties out of the picture when money transfers are concerned. Comparing to fiat currencies, Bitcoin transaction costs are way lower and rarely go above 1%.

Furthermore, in order to do a Bitcoin transaction, a person is not required to supply additional paperwork. Remember the information you need to provide when applying for a credit card and using it afterwards, or opening a bank account, etc.?

No Government Controls Bitcoin

We believe many of you know that there is no government or corporate entity behind Bitcoin. What we know today is that there is no central bank or any kind of legal entity controlling the Bitcoin and its price fluctuations.

This means that Bitcoin is difficult to control using traditional means. Decentralization has appeared as alternative to mainstream banks, corporations and elitist ways of running the business. Apparently, the new age is here, and only time will show how strong the impact on our lives the digital currencies will have.

Bitcoin as a Payment Method

The world has gone crypto and it is no news any longer. Bitcoin as a payment method is becoming mainstream. Here you will find the detailed explanations on how to use it online.

Moreover, we should all be aware that more and more retailers are accepting Bitcoin payments as we speak. Today, we can buy any kind of service or goods with Bitcoin, worldwide. You can also use Bitcoin in a bet safe casino, such as ours. Bitcoin accepted casinos have made the gambling experience more convenient. The main Bitcoin advantage when it comes to casinos is that it enables for extremely fats pay out.

Liquidity of Bitcoin

Should you decide to convert BTC to any of the fiat currencies, like US$ for example, you will be able to retain most of the inherent value. There is no loss in value when trading with Bitcoin, as it is liquid and fungible.

Bitcoin is Limited in the Number of Units

The experts in the field claim that Bitcoin advantages facts are a real thing, claiming that Bitcoin outplays other crypto currencies in the market especially in one specific feature. That advantage is the limited number of units, as per demands from the blockchain protocol. This should secure its long-term value, especially in a situation when there are governments around the world printing money with no real back up in gold.

Do you have any experience with Bitcoin? Or, with any other payment method. Tell us about your preferences.



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