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It has become the common belief that the world as we know it will inevitably change in the near future. Perhaps we are still not able to see it clearly. However, our living habits seems to be on a verge of a global change and the way we produce and consume energy is among the first fields to be transformed. We have already touched this topic in one of the previous posts. Blockchain energy investments are the next best thing, and green is apparently – the new black.

Australian Power Ledger and French ekWateur Partnership

Power Ledger is an Australian blockchain start-up that has recently teamed up with French green energy retailer – ekWateur. The French company is apparently the first company in France to supply the households with green energy from wind turbines, photovoltaic panels and hydraulic plans. They have also been said to provide 100% renewable gas from biomethane.

Ability to Choose the Energy Source

The partnership of these two companies should provide the French with the chance to use the energy of their preference. This means that the households in France would be able to choose the source from which their energy is coming from, as well as to combine it with other sources, as they wish.

This type of energy supply is on a way to become widely accepted in many parts of the world. As Ms. Jemma Green, the Executive Chairman of Power Ledger has stated:

 “Whether consumers want to source energy from their neighbor’s solar rooftop panels, or a wind farm in Bordeaux, our platform gives consumers choice and control over their energy source.”

And the platform’s name is “Vision”.

Blockchain Energy Markets to Explode in the Future

Reportedly, the blockchain energy markets should reach $3 billion by 2025. The predictions are that the US market will see increase of 50% by 2025, while the global private sector of blockchain energy will grow by 45% in the next 5 years.

What Are the Reasons for Such a Rapid Growth?

Blockchain based energy grids do not require complicated governing. Furthermore, as with all blockchain-related industries, there is no need for the “middleman”. The intermediaries are out of the picture and hence, lower costs.

Speaking of costs, the same as with crypto currencies, the transaction costs are close to zero. The users should apparently be able to pay only for the product, or in this case – the energy. Plus, they would be able to choose the energy source, to store it, or trade with it.

And ultimately, blockchain provides faster transactions of any kind. Be it money, data or any other information or asset, blockchain delivers within minutes. This is probably one of the most important advantages given the dynamics of the world we live in.  

Blockchain and Cryptos

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