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I am not a fan of any kind of training. I know, it’s bad. However, I am aware that the question of exercising is the question that can prove to be crucial in times to come.  Therefore, I must say that I am starting to worry whether it would be possible to keep the lucid, sane mind if the body is not in training. But where to start? This Wednesday let us take a short break from casino gaming related subjects and tackle one of the most important lifestyle topics. Below is the sum of the advice I received recently, on and offline. What do you think? Are these legit? Can you help with exercise advice as well?  

Get Off the Couch, They Say

It’s easier said than done. I realize staying active is important. However, I often find it hard to give up spending my time watching Netflix or reading books. It appears to be a type of a shelter from daily craziness. Furthermore, it appears that the more a person adopts the lazy way of life, the more exhausted he/she gets. It is a vicious circle apparently.

Now, assuming I acknowledge the advice and get off the couch to start exercising, there would still be a lot of unanswered questions, such as:

  • How long does it take for a person to adjust to the new rhythm?
  • Is it beneficial to start off with an ambitious plan? Or is it better to focus on a slow start and see how it goes?
  • If you exercise regularly, how much free time is left for rest, family errands, drinks with friends, binging the latest series?
  • When you exercise, do you miss the “lazy days”?
  • If you are in regular training, do you feel like sacrificing your time, or you enjoy it completely?

All of the above forms a part of a process, I know. Nevertheless, your insight is important. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Exercise Boosts Your Immune System, They Say

From what I understood, this is especially important in times of a pandemic. Naturally, exercising cannot prevent contracting the disease, but it can help our organisms to fight back. Sounds plausible.

Moreover, exercise boosts the healthy mind as well. Whether it is the oxygen that fills our cells, or the happy hormones that rush to our system, exercise should keep us in a satisfied mood.

The questions I am interested here are:

  • Do you really feel more satisfied or more tired after every training?
  • Do you feel the results of exercising to be more effective (to both mind and body) than the results coming from some other source (i.e. natural herbal boosters, any other activity, etc.)?

Don’t Be Impatient, They Say

Admittedly, I cannot help it. I want it all, and I want it now. Jokes aside, patience is not my stronger trait. Nevertheless, as a grown person, I learned to adjust. When it comes to exercising, results are something that everyone wants to see sooner than later.

The reason could be the fact that many of us see exercise as an effort rather than the pleasure. I guess there is still a long road ahead to accept the exercise as a way of life. Or perhaps the set goals are too high to reach? You see now why I often ask around: can you help with exercise advice?

They say that either running, biking or walking for just an hour can help positively. Personally, I think running is the biggest challenge. I tried investing into making this experience more creative, less dull, and I am still struggling.

Above all, seeing the results, however rewarding it may be, it is not sufficient to keep the enthusiasm going. Along the path of ups and down, downs seem to be more frequent.

  • So, what do you do when you need some encouraging?  
  • Who do you go to for advice?
  • How important are the visible results to you?
  • Can you help with exercise advice? Any kind of input is appreciated.

This year we should all be looking after each other. Staying safe, both physically and mentally, has become imperative. Let us not overlook the need to stay connected as well. One way or the other. Cheers!

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