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Day by day we at Yabby Casino are accepting new players looking for real casino fun. Some of them found their luck while playing for the first time, just like Gary and Robert have done. However, we know that many of you are coming to our lobby without previous knowledge about casino games and experience in gambling. To help you enjoy the fun we want to draw your attention to the games that are newbies-friendly.


This is the most popular and most common casino game you will see in any casino in the world. Probably, their popularity is gigantic because pokies are very user and beginner friendly. They involve a simple play system that allows you to push the button “spin” and wait for the outcome.

Pokies are working on the Random Number Generator which means that your wins are completely random. Here, you don’t win because of a strategy or technique. It is all luck here, and this can even land you the jackpot. That’s the main reason why pokies are the the best casino game for newbies.

Yabby Casino has a very big offer of pokies provided by Real Time Gaming that are very popular among players. Maybe, you can start with the latest release Achilles Deluxe.

Achilles Deluxe play now

Video Poker

It is one more casino game that is working on the Random Number Generator, like pokies. It combines the logic of poker and the accessibility of slots. Video poker doesn’t have any special or complicated rules.

Video poker games are very popular at crypto friendly Yabby Casino and on our blog you can find the information about the most popular video poker in August. Or, you can just start playing!


The roulette is the next game that is highly loved by beginners and experts alike. Here, the fun, thrills, and simplicity of the game endear it to players, and the ball determines your winning. The gameplay is very simple and involves predicting the number that the ball will land on after spinning.

European roulette is just one among others versions of this game you can play at Yabby Casino. Try your luck and spin the wheel!

Roulette play now

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