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Casino games have been attracting people from all levels of societies, through the ages, regardless of their origin. Gaming in its many forms appeared in ancient times. Although in the rudimentary form, the games gathered people around the ideas of fun and gain, guessing and assessing the odds, and keeping the mind in practice. It is no wonder so many different casino games developed over time. Also, it is not strange that these games formed a big part of life, to the extent of being incorporated in some massive projects in history. Casino games have given us so much that we feel the need to reflect on some of the most popular fun facts and moments in the casino games history.

All Delicious Things Come from Italy  

Believe it or not, the word casino did not originally have anything to do with casinos as we know them today. Namely, the word “casino” originating from Italian had the meaning of    small country villa. In the West, they like to call it a summerhouse.

It was not until much later in the 19th century that the word came to be associated with the meaning of social club. That was also the period when casinos moved to bigger public spaces.

The Biggest Rewards and Poker

We frequently write about new game releases and especially announce their potential to deliver massive jackpots, whether in slots or table games. However, have you ever thought that jackpots originated from poker?

Precisely, the pot in poker game used to grow until the moment the player becomes able to open the bidding with a pair of jacks or better.

Games and The Great Wall of China  

At the first glance nothing connects casino games and one of the most attractive wonders of ancient architecture. However, it is a fun fact that the building of the Great Wall of China was funded by money originating from gambling and lotteries.

Beer Instead of a Jackpot?

Imagine investing your time and money into spinning the reels, and eventually when you hit the big reward, the house rewards you with beer, cigars or bubble gums. This is exactly how the old-way bars with pokie machines operated. You may consider these bars predecessors of modern casinos.

Luckily for you, the house no longer decides how much you have earned on the reels. Nowadays, you can collect money instantly if you play at crypto casino Yabby. Speaking of which, have you tried any of our latest pokie releases?

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Casino Games Went Online in the 90’s

Although playing casino games in brick-and-mortar casinos was extremely popular it was not before 1994 that the games appeared online. Apparently, the technology was a bit behind, so the first online pokies appeared almost a century after the first pokie machines.

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Casino Games Percentages, Gender Allocation and More

Both men and women play casino games in almost equal percentages. However, the estimates say that only third of the players are actually professionals. To be precise, 33% of all punters. The rest play semi-professionally, or for pure fun. One third is a significant number of players who made casino games the source of income.

Furthermore, there is a sort of a paradox when it comes to the preferred games of choice for both sexes. Namely, many sources claim that men choose games of skill while women focus on games of chance.

Personally, I see this as an interesting fact because of the following:

We know that men are generally more prone to rushing into things even when not fully prepared. Hence it would be logical to assume they prefer games of chance. On the other hand, mastering the games of skill shows determination and wits, and it is the right choice for anyone who likes challenges. Women, do you find games of skill attractive?

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