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What is the way you approach gambling? The topic we explore in today’s text is wide and cannot be reduced to a relatively short description we can provide here. However, we will try to outline some of the most frequent personality types we see in casino gaming. Maybe you will be able to recognize some of your own character features, as we will be focusing on positive attitudes that lead to winning. Join us for the exploration of casino gaming personality types.

Gambling and Psychology

There are people who light up the room when they walk in. We may not be able to trust them entirely, but they certainly make a fun company.  Also, there are the reliable individuals that lead by example and stand firmly in the darkest hours. These features are usually ascribed to people with strong wits.

We may follow their lead or go with our own. Either way, the path we choose can tell a lot about who we are. Believe it or not, the personality type you bring into casino gaming, describes you as a person. Gambling resembles life at a great deal. Likewise, casino gaming can teach you a lot about life. If you manage to stand tall after the exhausting game of poker, for example, you will manage to persevere in life as well. There is always a new hand to deal with, or a new stake to consider.

What Did Science Have to Say About This?

Science has generally been exploring this field for a very long time. It has also set some standards that professionals from many different fields are using today. For example, HR managers often use the Briggs-Myers test when assessing the applicant’s personality. They do so because different positions within a company ask for different personality types.

When you come to think of it, we can say the same for casino gaming. Namely, various casino games demand various skills. For instance, pokies rely heavily on luck and intuition, although we must stress that a player should have the prior basic knowledge of how pokies work and what to expect.  Therefore, we can say that pokies should be the first choice for people who use their strong intuition as the main compass in life.

Casino Gaming Personality Types

As said before, the length of this text does not allow us to mention all possible personality types. Nevertheless, we will focus on the main two that we think are crucial for achieving great winnings at bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino.

Scientists consider Briggs-Myers test to be the most comprehensive personality type test. It classifies personalities into 16 different types. It is important to get to know your type because you may be playing the game you like but at which you will hardly achieve your maximum. The reason is the fact the game does not suit your abilities. So, here we go:

The Logical Players

According to the Briggs-Myers test, this personality type is called the Logician or the Philosopher. The Logicians are very intellectual and creative. Hence, they prefer to think through their moves deeply and get to the core of the game. Like chess players do. If they are able to invent their own strategy, they will gladly do it.

On the other hand, Logicians do not prefer risking. They like to play it safe. If this description matches your personality, you should stay away from pokies and focus on poker primarily. Although, these individuals can prosper in blackjack as well. 

The Strategists

The Strategist or “The Commander” according to the Briggs-Myers test. This is perhaps the most valuable type of casino gaming personality. In real life, for example, there are reportedly only 3% of people who possess the strategical way of thinking. Consequently, there are very few true leaders or commanders out there.

In casino gaming, the Strategist is the one who prefers challenges and knows how to deal with them. These individuals rely on their logic as well. This is important because logic helps them to develop the plan that would enable them to take risks willingly. They say that the games at which Strategists can thrive are poker and possibly baccarat.

What about you? Are you a good strategist or more of an intuitive person? Get to know your personality and find your game. Our bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino offers more than 200 games to choose from!

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