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Are there better people for casino tips and tricks than people who work there? Every casino has their confidential information they don’t share with anyone. But there is one place where casino employees love to share casino secrets. It’s called Reddit. We searched through the threads related to this topic and this is what we found out. Stay with us to get your hands on some unexpected information that might change your perspective.

Casino Secrets: Designed To Make You Play Longer

You must’ve noticed those design tricks in casinos that has been used many years back. Bright, glittering lights and music that sets mood for playing. It is literally a slice of heaven. But this multi-sensory experience plays on the weaknesses of human psychology to make sure you spend as much time there as possible.

Reddit users revealed another trick. It’s about the music used in pokies that is tuned to the C major key, also known as the Magic Chord. This specific musical key is known to put you in a good mood and make you forget to think critically.

Casino Secrets: Play Video Games To Get Free Drinks

This might sound silly, but one Reddit comment was about getting free drinks. It is well known that casinos give away alcohol so you will bet more easily and often. They train the bartenders to spot people trying to get a free drink. If you act like you are by yourself and are sitting at the bar with the intent to gamble for a while, and not just get a free drink, the bartender will want to get some drinks into you. So, if you are curious, try it next time you hit casino.

Don’t Blame The Dealers

Again, and again players accept that the dealers, as the essence of the house at the gambling club, needs them or wants them to lose. In any case, most dealers realize that players who win are probably going to give them a pleasant tip. Whether you’re winning or losing, respect the dealer. In the end, gambling it’s about fun and then money.

We hope you enjoyed reading the results of our little research on casino secrets. We will do our best to make more similar posts so you can hear the latest news from gambling industry. Until then, join Yabby casino and grab unlimited fun. Good luck!

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