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The Crypto Cruise Ship named Satoshi is gearing up to set sail from the Mediterranean and anchor in the Gulf of Panama. This ship has 777 cabins. The use of the first part of 200 cabins will be on auction which begins November 5th and ends November 28th. Bitcoin will be accepted for all goods and services aboard and at all retail shops.

Crypto Cruise Ship and Its Features

The Ocean Builders, a company that builds “SeaPods” or floating homes for “seasteaders”, revealed this ship as reports. It is 811 feet long with 12 decks and 777 cabins which will be on auction as condos. It will have three restaurants, a juice bar, two cafes, three bars, two pools, four whirlpools, a water park, and more.

The Ocean Builders official site states that this cruiser will be a place for business. You will be able to relocate already existing business or start a new one onboard. Also, there is a large theatre for educational workshops, talks, play movies, and live performances.

A Place for Crypto

Chad Elwartowski, COO of Ocean Builders is an American bitcoin entrepreneur. Because of that, it isn’t a surprise that this cruiser will be crypto friendly. On the site of his company there is an explanation as to how passionate crypto entrepreneurs they are. Also, it states that they wanted to create a place for blockchain (and non-blockchain) enthusiasts to live and work in a crypto friendly environment.

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