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It’s already the 18th of October and it’s time to embrace the Halloween spirit! Scary costumes, pumpkins, and lots of sweets – this is the Halloween we know and love. But some places around the world truly take Halloween celebrations to the next level. Ahead of the annual spooky celebration, we’ve picked some of the spookiest and most fascinating spectacles from around the world. Hold onto your candies because we’re about to reveal Halloween festivals and other crazy events!

Village Halloween Parade, New York City, USA

The best place to start this list is New York and Village Halloween Parade. Each year on 31st of October, more than 50,000 goblins, witches, vampires and similar creatures participate in this spooky march.

The Village Halloween Parade runs across the streets of New York, headed by Giant Puppets, musical groups, dancers, artists, and of course – the New Yorkers. So, if you find yourself in New York during Halloween, put on your crazy outfit, pop up on the streets and scare a few pedestrians!

Halloween Festivals: Zombie Walk, Toronto, Canada

Zombie Walk started back in 2003 with only 6 participants. But then, during the years, the walk raised and in 2012 it counted over 10,000 people. So, how does it look like? The participants basically do what zombies do best – they lurch and drag themselves across the streets. There are also various ghost tours and parties. People from all around the world make the journey to Toronto to join the walk of reawakened corpses. In case they surprise you on the streets of Toronto, make sure they don’t bite you and infect you with a “zombie virus”.

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Day Of The Dead, Mexico

Mexico’s Day of the Dead or originally Dia de Los Muertos is among the most popular events. The colorful costumes and iconic skull makeup are there every year on 31st of October and the 1st and 2nd of November. The entire country comes together to celebrate those who have passed away with music and dancing. The whole event is created to pay honor to the loved ones that have passed away.

Halloween Festivals: Day of Dracula, Romania

We leave the well-known territory of Halloween far behind for this next frightful festival and fly to Europe – Romania. Romania is the place to be for Halloween in this part of the world and nothing beats the trip to Transylvania trip followed by ghosts and frightful fun!

Each year during Halloween, people wander across the hidden tunnels and through secret staircases around Dracula’s Castle. The vampires are not real, but the fun is, as well as costume parties visited by more than a thousand people. This could be the biggest and best Halloween party you’ve ever attended.

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