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I stumbled upon an app called “Happy Not Perfect” that attracted my attention for all the wrong reasons. At first, I thought that someone must have had a great time thinking how to earn money by exploiting someone’s bad state of mind. Mental issues are a reality and almost everyone has been challenged into dark modes at least once. Then, I reviewed the app and it struck me. As funny as it may sound, those easy to do steps for the so-called “refreshment” of a mind contain one very important aspect. There’s an app for everything these days. And a few of them, apparently, aim for either verbalizing or visualizing the negative thoughts.

The Creation of “Happy Not Perfect”

From what I learned, the initial idea for this app came from the UK TV host and accessories designer turned tech businesswoman Poppy Jamie. In explaining what drove her to this idea, she reportedly stated for the Vogue magazine:

“The idea that we need to be on call 24-7, manage more social relationships, praise one another’s lives [on Instagram] without liking ourselves … these are all relatively new phenomenon. It’s not surprising our mental well-being has suffered the consequences.”

Ms. Jamie is absolutely right. This is the picture of our society today. And although we cannot fix the society as a whole, we can try to make every day a bit easier for ourselves.  She believes her app, which was developed in co-operation with professionals dealing with mental health issues, can help us all on that path.

Why Verbalizing or Visualizing Is Important

“Happy Not Perfect” app focuses on our daily mood. It contains 7-step daily refresh with exercises for calming our minds. It also provides advice on breathing techniques and meditation. Ultimately it connects us to our friends, but we will get to that a bit later.

Somewhere between choosing the mood of the day and breathing deeply, the app asks us to virtually “burn” the negative thought. It sounds crazy, I know. However, I remembered reading a lot on this subject and how letting the negativity out by actually naming it out loud or writing it down can help a lot. It is not a new concept, although it has been adopted by many new age self-taught life couches.

Did you know that many great scientists and artists performed this technique without even knowing it? It is a natural way to express someone’s inner beings. Some of them made priceless works of art by letting all the dark mood out. Others created the greatest inventions by visualizing the concept. Nevertheless, we forgot about these mental powers along the way, and allowed the stress to build up inside and take over.

In that sense, this app that gives you the chance to choose the mood you wish to refresh and virtually destroy the negativity has its point.

“Happy Not Perfect” Meditation section

As stated above, “Happy Not Perfect” app focuses on calming the mind and deep breathing. Apparently, the users need to pay up to $10 for meditation guidance for some of the 250 guided tracks, depending on the level of meditation. However, anyone can perform breathing techniques on their own for starters. We should all remember to breath deeply.

Breathing deeply lowers the blood pressure, it eliminates the stress and gives us the chance to recoup briefly. Once our brains get enriched with oxygen, our minds are fully refreshed, and we can think clearly.

“Happy Not Perfect” Vibes section

Once you virtually destroy the bad thought, and you refresh yourself through meditation, you will have the option to send different kind of vibes to other people.

The premise behind this is that focusing on others lowers the potential of obsessing over our own negativity. Doing good to others enriches and fulfils people. Eventually, we become better versions of ourselves.    

At the end, the only message I can send is that if you are feeling lonely or stressed, do not be afraid to reach out. There are trained professionals who can help.  “Happy Not Perfect” is the app that can entertain you and maybe provide some help until you contact someone. Oh, and don’t forget our bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino is available 24/7 in case you’d like to play and potentially make some cash! This as well can put a smile on your face.

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