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Playing high roller slots is the equivalent of riding a Porsche with leather interior while your hands touch the steering wheel gently, and the car basically does it all for you. Sure, you had to invest a lot to get that Porsche in the first place, but hey – “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”. So, let’s take a look at progressive pokies and how to play them the right way.

Defining “High Roller Slots”

Defining the high roller status of any game is not easy and can be viewed from different perspectives. The same as some other gambling terms are just estimates – like volatility, for example, “high roller“  level of playing is relative. Nevertheless, most of the players have a notion of what it means to bet as a high roller. Although for some, betting a $5 per spin is huge (and it is, don’t get me wrong), for others the real fun starts at $25 per spin. The bottom line is – you get to choose whether you wish to play lavishly or stick to “just for fun“ type of mode. But since you are here, let’s see how to play progressive slots and live to tell about the session.

High Roller Slots and Their Denominations

We will not waste too much time on explaining the difference between regular slots and progressive ones. In short, the latter have much bigger jackpots that build through time with a percentage of each bet on the same game in various casinos.

To be able to better understand the difference between regular slots and the high rollers’ picks, we should go back to basics. As a quick reminder, most of the regular slots have betting denominations ranging from $0.01 up to $1.00 per spin.

Contrary to the above, high roller slots allow for higher betting denominations. Many of them start at $5.00 per spin, for example. Luckily for you, some of them such as the well-known RTG slot with a progressive jackpot, called “Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe“  starts at $1.00 per spin. At the first glance, this is not much. Basically, it’s a catch, so to say, because it requires the betting range which is still less expensive than many high roller slots, but it can reward heavily.

Those with hefty bankrolls know that at some casinos they can bet even several thousand dollars per spin.

Do You Have a Strategy for High Roller Slots?

Don’t just go cluelessly wandering the casino lobby. The chances are you will end up playing the wrong game, unprepared and lose a lot of money. To prevent wondering whether you should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque, let us check out what you can do to take control of the game session.

Check the Max Bet Limit

Usually when players choose the game to play, they skip the information that can be valuable to the outcome of their gameplay – providing they know what they are looking at and how to use that info. Take Max bet limit, for example.

The phrase is self-explanatory. The game can be exceptionally rewarding, but if you are limited at the very beginning by the size of your bet – it means that you will also be limited in the size of the winning and hence – the payout.  In other words, why buying a good-looking car if you cannot take its soul while driving it, right?

If you are aiming for the biggest payouts, aim for high max bet limits. It is the only way to play as a high roller.

Set Your Win-Loss Ratio

In gambling, as well as in life, you win some, you lose some. When you meet someone and need to decide whether to give it all in and start being exclusive, based on what info you make that decision? It’s all about the vibes, I hear you say. And yes, you can profit emotionally sometimes, even when you make emotionally based decisions. But remember, here we are talking about your money. Would you be ready to risk your bucks because you made a hasty decision playing high roller slots? Would you be ready to just pick up the pieces and keep on going with debts following you each step of the way? We didn’t think so.

So, the best thing to do is – set your own limits. No one knows better than you how much you can accept losing comparing to how much you can expect to gain. In order to estimate the potential winning, go back to the beginning of the previous subtitle and learn why checking the max bet limit is important.

Check the Paytable

Ah, the famous paytable. This important piece of information is also often overlooked. Paytable tells possibly the most important information you need to know about pokies. If you do not prefer reading the game reviews, paytables can tell you what to expect in a slot.

For instance, a paytable outlines the following details:

  • Number of paylines
  • Prizes and payouts
  • Wagering requirements
  • Symbols on the reels and their values
  • Features and requirements for triggering them
  • The number of multipliers
  • Requirements for winning the jackpot

Once you study the requirements and make an estimate of the potential risk and gains, you can start spinning in style. Remember, there is nothing wrong with playing good, old, simple and regular pokies for bets under a dollar. But every now and then trying your luck with the progressive pokies is a smart decision. Otherwise, why trying your luck at all? Take that deep dive and you just may find it exhilarating. Good luck and may the odds be forever in your favor!


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