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If you are reading this, you must be in search of valuable tips on how to make money online. No, we will not be talking about gambling here, although it may be a life’s game-changer for some. Presumably, you came across many sites with generic texts and ideas which have already crossed your mind. Nothing new hasn’t been published for some time. Until… this article popped up. We dug deep to get to the essence of this issue. Therefore, what you have before you is a personal outlook on decisions you should make before taking on any action. Above all – how to handle the curveballs that may come your way.

Where to Start

As with everything else in life, it all starts with you. Man up, make that decision and take the plunge into the unknown. There is something liberating in new beginnings. Although, we know that many of you have doubts and insecurities, some of which we will address in this text. On the other hand, just imagine the amount of free time you may finally have. Or the joy that comes with doing what you love. Not to mention the profit and possibilities for a growth.

Let us discuss the joy aspect for a moment, as we think it may be crucial. When deciding on what to do and whether to do it at all, most people usually have dollar signs flashing in their minds. Although profit is important, this is not the starting point of any successful business. With a risk of sounding like a line from pop psychology manual, the chances of you earning a lot of money online doing something not close to your heart are poor.

The shortest advice possible would be: a good place to start is finding out the topic or an entire field of interest that resonates with you. The first step is this, and not finding the product, or the business you wish to get in touch with.  The reason is simple. When we do what we like we put more energy into it. The results inevitably follow.

What Coffee Has to Do with It

Let us step down from the online world into everyday reality. Imagine you wish to excel in becoming a barista and make that perfect cup of morning coffee that gives away the flavour which lingers into the day as a reminder of how good you felt while sipping it slowly. The only problem is you keep using the same old coffee grinder and the tips you heard from Jake’s mom. I do not know who Jake is, but he could easily be your next-door neighbour. Anyway, you get the picture.     

The answer to “how to make money online” most probably rests in the multitude of online resources. I know that once you expressed the idea of launching an online business, the “know-it-alls” hurried to give you some advice.  But just because they did it differently doesn’t mean that you should walk their path. Learn to make that perfect “cup of coffee” (whatever that may represent for you) in your own way and give it a personal edge. People like products or services which speak to them. If the result of your efforts sends too abstract of a message, or too generic, you will need much more time to position your business where you want it to be. In other words, people like to use products and services behind which some cool and reliable people have joined forces. Your business should reflect this. 

Where to Look?

Imagine you have made up your mind and already have the entire plan set in place. You know the preferred field of work and have all necessary and relevant data gathered. The only thing that it is missing is the final “go”.

As we mentioned above, online resources are plenty and the chances of finding exactly what you need are enormous. Nevertheless, some sites are more popular or credible than the others. According to what we managed to find out online, your choice of resources depends on whether you are an extrovert or introvert. For extroverts, a good place to start is to consider becoming an Instagram or You Tube influencer. Again, recognize the field you are interested in and then dig deep. Deeper than others to be able to provide that extra piece of information that others do not provide.

Introverts, you would probably feel more comfortable making money out of online sales, testing, blogging, creating online courses, etc. This gives a wide array of possibilities, some of which do not require big investments. For example, to pick up any freelance work online you just need to be agile and do proper research. Once you land that first job, do your best and success will follow.

For online sales, Etsy or Amazon are always a choice because of their visibility and customer potential.  Strong recommendations come for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This just may be the easiest answer to the question – how to make money online. It is a crowdsourcing marketplace for both individuals and businesses. There, you can land a job in data validation, content moderation, research, survey participation, and similar. Basically, if micromanagement is your thing, you can make money out of it there.

Apart from the stated platform, there are many other where you can register as a freelancer and go from there. But if you are into launching your own service or product online, you may need assistance in various aspects. Read on.

What About Steady Online Income?

If you are looking for some steady online job, that can provide you with more security, things may look a bit different. Launching your own online job requires more investment, time, and human resources. It just may happen that you would need a partner – depending on the type of business you wish to start.

In case you have checked all the boxes above and decided to try it on your own, you are in for an incredible adventure. Did you know that the estimates show that by 2023, online shopping will take up to 22% of the global retail sales? There is obviously enough space for anyone to succeed. So, what do you need?

A laptop, a domain name, and a website builder. The latter leaves you with several options, so we advise you do your own research.

Whatever industry you have chosen to work in, here are a few suggestions of the type of businesses with good future perspectives:

  • Ecommerce store
  • Drop-shipping
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Note-worthy blog

These are all options that do not require high investments, storage spaces and so on. We leave it up to you to research each of these types and find the one that suits you the most. The huge plus for each of these types is the fact that the needed investment is affordable. Basically, anyone can launch the businesses of this kind. On the other hand, handling the daily tasks, and securing the quality service as well as business growth demands certain skills. This is where you can shine.

Your “How to Make Money Online” Checklist

You wouldn’t skip adding ginger to your gingerbread cookies, would you? Every good recipe should be followed to details. It is the same with starting the business. As a quick checklist, here is the sum up of all the steps to consider:

  • Decide on your niche and develop your business idea
  • Do the research of the product/service
  • Get acquainted with online business laws
  • Research the market, competition
  • Define the target audience
  • Estimate your product viability (demand, interest, etc.)
  • Define your brand and image
  • If in line with the type of business, launch your online store
  • Make plans to grow your business

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