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You love pokies and enjoy your time spinning the reels. We agree that this is one of the top ways to have fun this season. However, you must have noticed that not all pokies are the same. Sometimes you spend hours before a win strike. Other times you barely start playing and the winning is around the corner. The amount of money you invest differs as well. Therefore, the question is how to recognize a high volatility pokie. This is crucial in both cases – whether you are a fan of high variance or not.

High Volatility in a Pokie

So far, we have presented many pokies from the wide range of RealTime Gaming pokies. Nevertheless, we rarely state the variance or volatility in a game. The reason for this is the fact that volatility is not a fixed feature which you can expect to experience in a game. It rather depends on the random number generator and the general “flow” of the game.

Volatility is the characteristic which we can talk about after the game has been played many times. According to various experiences players have, and the frequency of winnings, we can estimate the game volatility.

So, the answer to the question what high volatility is, can be simple. Basically, a pokie is considered to be highly volatile if it delivers fewer bigger winnings over longer period of time. In short, high variance pokies are for more audacious players, ready to risk their bankroll to potentially win bigger rewards.

How to Recognize a High Volatility Pokie?  

Recognizing a high volatility pokie is easy if you know what to look for. For starters, we can suggest you check the paytable. In high volatility pokies, paytables usually contain fewer paying symbols than in cases of low volatility pokies. Moreover, the symbols which pay out usually pay higher amounts than usual.

Another important tip on how to recognize a high volatility pokie is to check the number of Wilds and multipliers. If the pokie has fewer Wilds and multipliers it could be the sign of high variance. Do not forget that this low number means the value of those Wilds and multipliers is higher.

When playing high volatility pokies, you will most likely see a lot of free spins and re-spins which you can re-trigger frequently. This makes up for the seldom winning hits.

Lastly, but most importantly, high volatility pokies deliver massive wins. If you are a true risk-taker and aim big, high volatility pokies should be your choice.   

How to Choose a Pokie?  

If you plan your sessions in advance, choosing a pokie can be fun, but complicated task. Those players who keep statistics would tell you that there is a reason why they stick to certain games, in stead of exploring other titles. We bet there is. On the other hand, playing pokies is primarily fun.

Without the agenda to go into deep analysis, allow us to draw your attention to distinction between the 2 pokies in crypto casino Yabby. The first one is Asgard.

Asgard play now

This original title from RTG bears the characteristic of being highly volatile game. In the past, we wrote about its interesting free games feature. Many players claimed to have forgotten all about place and time when spinning on the reels of Asgard. It was also frequently on the list of the highest paying games at Bitcoin casino Yabby.

Contrary to Asgard, the pokie Asgard Deluxe was marked as the game of medium volatility. It means it balances the payouts, symbols, and the bets you place, rewarding you steadily over certain period of time. The rewards may be smaller than in highly volatile games, but then again – so is the risk.

Asgard Deluxe play now

Is There a Bonus in Sight?

For the best gaming experience, we suggest you set your bankroll, and enough time to explore the variety of pokies at Yabby casino. Regardless of the volatility you choose, we provide instant payouts and treat our players with big bonuses every day. For example, today you can still get 100% bonus with no wagering requirement if you claim the code WAGERFREE100. This is low-risk offer at the tip of your fingers for a minimum deposit of $25! Good luck!

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