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Although Australians woke up in a world where re-opening of the beaches is a news, there are voices that promote hope and enthusiasm to kick off this week. Honestly, if someone had told you a few years ago that you would live in a world where social distancing is the ultimate measure that we must take in order to stay healthy, would you have believed them? Nevertheless, people who live among us, some of you perhaps, or some of us over here are silent heroes of our days. This is a short story of how your acts of kindness influence us all.

Supporting the Small Business Owners

A struggling café owner in Melbourne woke up in a better world. He was surprised to find a donation of $750 to his café. Namely, an elderly couple decided to give up a part of the money they received from the government and help the family business they admire and obviously enjoy as regulars. Reportedly, they stated:

The government says the $750 is for us to spend to help the economy. I need nothing that I can think to spend it on and have thought that I would like to donate to your business. You are certainly part of the economy and we very much admire your efforts to create a wonderful new family business.”

What made this story resonate with us is the fact that someone decided to spread the circles of goodness and charity. The money received as a help to people whose income is less than $80,000 a year, was proceeded further to someone in need. We would like to think that eventually those funds will do good not just for the café owner, but for the customers as well. Giving back to the community is crucial in all times, let alone in difficult ones. Only if we sustain one another, we have chances to succeed.

Supporting the Front-liners

Another touching story comes from the US, the NY in particular. Previously we have all witnessed the acts of praise and appreciation of healthcare workers globally. People have expressed their gratitude, and maybe thought about the importance of healthcare systems for the first time in their lives. Strangely, but unusual circumstances make us reconsider the value of people in our lives, and the institutions that support us.

One of the latest examples of acts of kindness comes from the non-profit RethinkFood, reportedly preparing 35,000 meals a week. Majority of meals are handed out to healthcare workers who lack food during long hour shifts, because the restaurants have been shut down. First in line to receive meals are the workers of Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn’s Prospect Lefferts Garden, as well as SUNY Downstate Medical Center in the same neighborhood.

Individual Acts of Kindness and Those Crazy Europeans

The circles of good are spreading globally and this is one of the brightest facts and most optimistic news that we are witnessing. Apparently, in challenging times, people turn to one another. They reach out and remind us that no matter how crazy this world may seem, we are not left alone, after all.

Recently, there have been many interesting and funny acts of kindness everywhere we turn. You just have to look closely. From snowboarders donating goggles to doctors in need to Matthew McConaughey playing virtual bingo with Texas seniors in a living facility (I kid you not).

On another hand, those people wearing uniforms, who are on the front-lines of fighting coronavirus, have also shown gratitude and a sense of humor, trying to help us all keep our spirits. Just look at those Spanish policemen singing in the streets, or these doctors dancing. It puts life into a brighter perspective, doesn’t it?

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