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Gambling is by its nature, defined as a game of chance, where luck plays a crucial role. You bet on an uncertain outcome and hope good fortune will turn to your advantage. But there are games where employing sound strategy and tactics well enough can influence that outcome to a certain degree. These are so-called skill-based games. Besides poker and a few other, mostly table ones, the best example of this type of games is blackjack. But exactly how much luck or skill plays a defining role in blackjack is what we’ll consider in this article.

Arguments in Favor of Luck

Blackjack is one of the simplest card games with straightforward rules which probably makes it so popular. As with every other card game, it is played with at least one standard 52-card deck. The cards are shuffled in a random manner either by a live dealer or RNG if you play it online. That means neither you nor the dealer has control over the hands you are dealt whatsoever. And when you have no control over it, it means that no matter what strategy or skill you employ the outcome still depends on a certain amount of luck. One shouldn’t forget about house edge that puts casino at slight advantage, so you need an extra dose of it.

Arguments in Favor of Skill

As far as skill is concerned, numerous arguments favor blackjack as a game of skill. The first one involves the fact that a player needs to make multiple decisions that affect the outcome of a game. These decisions are about knowing when to hit, stand or double down. And while most players go on randomly choosing when to do what, there are basic strategy charts you can use as a guiding tool. They show you the statistically best move you can make with your hand in comparison with the dealer’s. And the best known of these strategies is of course the infamous practice of card counting.

What About Card Counting?

Card counting is the most famous blackjack skill, that’s been immortalized in so many great movies. But it is still shrouded in a cloud of mystery. How much of it can really boost your chances of winning and is it really illegal to practice? The truth is that it truly does work and can really push the odds slightly in your favor. It can put you at an advantage of 1% to 2% over the casino but it is exceptionally difficult to master. However, if you consider yourself capable and willing to put all your mental capacity into practice it will surely bring you winnings in the long run. And no, it is not illegal no matter what pop culture might have taught you. You can even check our guide on the subject if you wish to get better at it.

What Plays the Bigger Role – Luck or Skill?

So, all things considered, is it really luck or skill that defines what type of game blackjack is? The truth is that as in all things in life, you need a perfect balance of both. No matter how arbitrary the method you get your hands dealt, it is still constantly influenced by the decisions you make. And knowing there are ways to improve upon that decisions by employing strategies that are proven to work certainly proves you have a say in how it turns out. But would there be the excitement we all feel while playing if it was all up to us and not Lady Luck? Probably not, so it’s safe to say that the question of whether you need more luck or skill while playing blackjack is redundant in itself.


Our answer would be that it is best to be prepared for luck. And the way to prepare is to practice your skills. Luckily, you’re in the right place for it since the only skill you’ll need right now is to wisely choose your preferred version of blackjack and start playing. May luck serve you as much as your skills deserve you!

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  • Lauren Williams says:

    It is most definitely skill, I mean once in a while you get lucky but you need to know the skills of the game on how to win, with no skills just by playing off of luck you chances of winning are already cut in half.

  • Justin File says:

    You still need more luck but skills can help ..

  • Quang V Ho says:

    Poker is luck when being dealt but takes skill when it comes to hitting or staying and also being able to bluff.

  • Quang V Ho says:

    Like I said it’s both luck and skill.luck when your being dealt but skill when it comes to hitting and calling and definitely skill when its time to bluff your opponents

  • Brandy Perkins I says:

    I think alittle skill and luck

  • Francisco Ramirez says:

    It is definitely LUCK, since it is something that the game itself says at “random” and it goes together with luck. so my answer is luck.

  • Kimberly Cook says:

    1. Vatican City
    2a. Big Diomede 2b. Little Diomedee


  • Joseph Radney says:

    Although luck is a big part of gambleing Black Jack is a game in which can be skill just simply by remembering which cards have been played in which ones have not card counting is very capable of doing that is why some people are banded from certain casinos

  • daysia campbell says:

    i believe its the game of skill with a mind set of luck all in one. if you believe you have the skill to win luck will work in your favor.

  • Andrea currier says:

    It’s a combination of both I think

  • Manuel Ordenes says:

    Math magician could be but you 52 cards in a deck well that’s all you need to know if more the your answer is more than one but remember how many decks you play is how much your up against count your deal then you know where you stand draw

  • Sheila Neri says:

    It’s most definitely it’s takes more skill than luck to beat a blackjack dealer.

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