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Yabby friends, gather around! Now there is a faster and cheaper way to process your deposits and withdrawals. You will definitely want to hear this. Crypto casino Yabby promotes Litecoin with all of its advantages, which we will explain below. The important thing to understand is that you will be able to enjoy those benefits only when you deposit in LTC. Now, let us jump right to the case of Litecoin benefits. This is a brief overview of why you should consider LTC deposits.

Litecoin Benefits: Speed

Litecoin benefits are many. We can talk about the cryptos as much as we want, but Litecoin beats all others in speed several times. According to experience so far, Litecoin appears to be four times faster than Bitcoin, for example.

Speaking of speed, allow us to remind you that depositing at crypto casino Yabby takes less than a minute, and with LTC even less. The same applies to withdrawing. In both cases, you will experience the fastest in and out you have ever seen!

Litecoin Benefits: Almost no Fees

If we are talking about transaction fees, there are almost any, so to speak. In other words, this fee is close to zero. Our bet safe casino Yabby processes Litecoin transactions with the very minimum fee. For example,­­­­­­­­­­­ on a global level, on July 4th, 2021 the average transaction fee for LTC was $0,0162. Here, you should bear in mind that the final transaction fee also depends on your wallet processor. So, choose wisely, to get the ultimate affordable transaction.

Litecoin Benefits: Number of LTC Units

Another one of the Litecoin benefits outlines its presence on the crypto market. Namely, there are way more LTC units on the market than BTC units, for instance. We may say that this provides some certainty, according to many. Apparently, users feel that once there are many units on the market, LTC is not scarce and therefore – the price will remain affordable. This is debatable, naturally. However, it apparently gives some kind of psychological advantage ove rother cryptos.

Whether this makes sense or not, it is up to you to decide. We advise you to do your own research to come to the conclusion.

How Using Litecoin at Yabby Helps You?

Having said all of the above, you may have guessed what Litecoin benefits using LTC can get you. Allow us to sum them up:

  • Faster start of your gaming session, due to the faster payment processing of LTC deposits.
  • Depositing with LTC provides withdrawing in LTC, which is a special Litecoin benefit, giving completely new meaning to the phrase – instant withdrawals.
  • Using LTCs makes for a simpler, more enjoyable and profitable gaming experience.

Final Word on Litecoin Benefits

In one of the future posts we will share the guidelines on depositing and withdrawing in Litecoin. Do not hesitate to enjoy the Litecoin benefits for a better casino experience. Browse our promotions and try it out now!

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