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Live dealer games at an online casino are the closest you can get to the genuine casino experience. You may be a slots fan, which is fine, but many players find the ultimate fun sitting at the table. Now, live dealer games at crypto casino Yabby provide you the opportunity to sit at the virtual table while playing your favorite game and communicating with the real live dealer. With an understanding that there are still some hesitations when it comes to live dealer games, with this article we will try to answer the questions you may have and cast away all doubts.

What Are Live Dealer Games?

It has been a while since we announced the addition of the Live Dealer games option. Believe it or not, there are regulars who prefer playing table games in this way. We see people come and go, but live dealer games have a loyal circle of fans. You can join them anytime and see if this type of gaming is your cup of tea.

Basically, this option opens the door to choosing the preferred game, the dealer, and the stake level. Once you make your choice, you can start playing at the actual table. Namely, the game is live streamed as if you were sitting at the table in the land-based casino.

How to Access Live Dealer Games?

Upon logging in, simply head right to the “Games“ section, or the candy store as we like to call it. In the Games section, click on the Live Dealer option.

Once you get in, you will have the opportunity to pick out one of the following table games: blackjack, roulette,  or baccarat. Next, you will need to choose the dealer as well. Lastly, but more importantly – this is also the moment when it is advisable to transfer the balance from the casino to live dealer section, so you can use the funds you already have on your account.

After you finish playing live dealer games, make sure to return the balance to the casino section, to make sure you have access to it afterwards for playing slots, for example.

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Do I Need to Bet More at The Live Dealer Table?

At this point you must be thinking: But I cannot play for free in a fun mode, just like I do with slots. Hey, but guess what? Minimum bets at live dealer games are quite affordable. Check them out! Eventually you end up playing some of the classiest casino games at low stakes aiming for the large wins. If you know how to choose the games properly and use low house edge, you will be aiming for gold! Plus, the chances of returned investment will go to your favor.

Should you need tips when it comes to either blackjack, roulette, or baccarat, we invite you to browse our blog. Some of the strategies may be a game changer.

Can Absolute Beginners Join in?

You have to start somewhere, right? In case you are familiar with playing online blackjack, for example, you will see that these live games are not so different.

The same as in any online variation of a game, live games also offer the automated betting options, for instance. Our Live Dealer Games platform is user-friendly. It means that you will easily navigate the menu. Basically, it all comes down to clicking on the preferred option. So, to answer the above question – yes, absolute beginners can join, because there is nothing difficult when it comes to moving through the interface, the game, etc.

Now, in case the player has never played any of the casino table games we advise he or she starts with guidelines. Familiarizing with the rules is always the good start. Once the groundwork is done, there is no reason why a player should avoid trying the live dealer game. Let us know about your experience.   

Are the Odds Good Enough?

Whichever game you choose to play, odds are always evaluated. The first fact which you should have in mind is that table games, such as Blackjack are already known for the lowest possible house edge. So, by choosing the game you have already made a smart decision.  

In respect of the odds, live dealer games are no different when playing online, comparing to the land-based casinos. Often there are concerns that dealer may manipulate the game to secure higher house advantage. However, to do this, they would need to bend the rules of the game, and the rules, as we all know, do not change.

Now, it is time to put this theory into practice. Log in, go to Games, and choose the Live Dealer Games. Good Luck!

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