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Are you getting ready to see the 2020 off with a wish never to come back? Or was this year one of the best in your lives? Whatever your experience with this year may be, one thing is for certain. It changed our lives. When it comes to Yabby, we have only words of gratitude to express. And you, dear reader, are the reason. This is a short midnight wish from the Yabby Casino Team.

May You Hug More in 2021

We have all witnessed the imposing of social distancing this year, which also primarily meant physical distancing. With all due respect to the precaution measures, we must hope for better times when physical contacts would become welcome again.

So, we wish you to give and receive way more hugs in 2021! Hopefully, when time comes, we will embrace again one of the oldest healthy measures ever – hugging. In case you didn’t know, hugging has been proved to relieve stress, lower the blood pressure, show support and understanding, and purportedly even reduce the pain.

A hug is also a way to communicate with your loved ones. It is one of the purest and loveliest channels to exchange the vibes, the energy, the boost. Therefore, let our first midnight wish be more hugs coming your way in 2021!

May Your Winnings Multiply in 2021

Everyone needs at least a small everyday life win every now and then. Apparently, many people worldwide had a lot to lose this year. We wish everyone more luck in the following 2021. More importantly, our midnight wish calls for more chances to everyone in building their lives the way they wish. May every win, however big or small, multiply and build firm foundation for the future.

As for casino gaming, allow us to remind you that your bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino is available 24/7. You can stop by any time you want. Our live support team is always ready to provide the best possible service and to process the deposits and withdrawals with lightning speed. Moreover, the offer of fun games at Yabby Casino is constantly expanding. We wish your winnings would grow accordingly as well.

May What Is Lost Find Its Way Back to You

If you are one of the lucky individuals who managed to resist the challenges that 2020 put in front of us, congrats! You have every reason to be satisfied and to share that vibe. The rest who have confronted with serious losses, should know that there is hope. Let us tell them they are not alone.

You may have lost patience, your job, a loved one. You may have got divorced, broke up with someone, lost your faith, your sense of humor, or your willpower.

May all that is lost find its way back to you, in whatever form possible. Holidays are the time of giving and hope. Yabby Casino Team hopes that you would continue to fight and persevere. We would like to be there to celebrate every new win with you!

Happy New Year! May this midnight wish bring you peace and strength. All the best from Yabby Casino Team!  

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