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When was the last time you were invited to a wedding? Is it because you’ve been known to act up when you’ve had several glasses of wine? Or is it because there are hardly any weddings happening lately? The truth is that young adults, also known as millennials, marry and have children later than previous generations. Also, they take more time to get to know each other before they stand in front of the altar. Let’s see why people are feeling less enthusiastic about marriage nowadays and discuss about the relationship between millennials and marriage in general.

Who Are Millennials?

For all of you who aren’t familiar with the term “millennials”, here is a quick explanation. We have already mentioned them here in crypto casino Yabby, so check out millennials’ thoughts on other topics.

Millennial is an expression for a group of people born between 1981 – 1996. Also known as Generation Y, they are currently between 26 and 41 years old. They’re called millennials because they became adults around the time of the millennium. Millennials were born and grew up during the arrival of the internet and personal computers, encouraging a stereotype that they are more familiar with that technology than previous generations, namely baby boomers, and Generation X.

In popular culture, millennials are often characterized as self-centered and obsessed with social media, winning the nickname Generation Me. That also applies to their love life. The millennial generation is generally more flexible when it comes to sexual intimacy then previous generations. They constitute the majority in using the apps like Tinder, and they use phrases like “hooking up” and “friends with benefits”. But when it comes to longer and more serious commitments, many studies show that millennials are rather cautious.

Why Millennials Are Getting Married Less

Can you imagine that, reportedly, nearly 60% of millennial population do not believe in the institution of marriage? We were a little bit surprised with the outcome of some studies and research. It seems like marriage is becoming less appreciated. When surveyed, most young people said it’s not important for couples who intend to stay together to be married.

On the other side, there are baby boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 — who believe that marriage is a must and that 30 is the ideal age to do it. According to one study, millennials, who are willing to get married and have children, think it’s 36. Across all age groups, the average age when women want to get married is 32, while men want to wait until 35.

The reason for avoiding commitment is unknown. From a financial perspective, marriage certainly has benefits, but also disadvantages. Merging property and finances is easier but at the same time risky if it ends up with divorce. That’s why many people keep their finances separate. Talking about reasons, some people are simply afraid of getting married. Maybe they’ve seen some unhappy marriages or have witnessed many couples who appeared to be deeply in love and ended up enemies while going through messy divorces.

Millennials And Marriage: Is It Still Important?

Overall, you don’t need marriage to make your relationship stronger. The security, commitment, dedication, love, responsibility, respect, and everything else people marry for should already be in place. Expecting these to happen after getting married is a way to disappointment. Making it official may be important to some, but less important for others. It really doesn’t matter how millennials and marriage carry themselves. What really matters is that people are happy and satisfied with whatever choice they decide to make.


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