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New year, better me. That’s an idea we all have in our heads this time of the year. 2022 is gathering its wings and we are thinking about the changes New year is going to bring. It is the time to create well-known New Year’s resolutions and start the journey of success. That is why we are bringing you some great tips on how to create a great plan for an even better 2023, and more importantly, how to achieve it!

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New Year’s Resolutions- Create Achievable Goals

This one is pretty simple but super important tip. You need to be aware of what you can achieve in a certain period. That doesn’t mean you should not set your goals high; they just need to be smart and attainable. Here is how to create achievable resolutions:

  • Make a recap of previous years and resolutions and learn from those
  • Create limited amount of resolutions
  • Split them into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily tasks/plans
  • Spend time on thinking what are the most important and most urgent resolutions

Make a Better Budget

Creating a good budget is one of the top things to put on your list. There is no need to explain why is this important. Having control over your budget will keep you satisfied, help you save some money and provide you with stability.

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Create SMART Goals

This time, SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. This is something often used in business, but your life should be your most important business!

SMART Method:

  • Specific- Make your goals completely clear and concrete
  • Measurable: Find a way to measure the success of your resolutions. That is how you can always track your progress and adjust your pace.
  • Achievable- This one we already explained above, and you already know why it shouldn’t be skipped
  • Relevant- The resolutions should be related to you and to things that matter to you. Don’t base them on what someone else or society Is telling you to do.
  • Time-bound- Give yourself enough (but not too much) time to work on the resolutions.

Put Pen to Paper

What’s written will be remembered. So, write down your resolutions. Make them visible. Put them on sticky notes somewhere where you can see them every day. Visualize them. Imagine the feeling you will get once you accomplish one of those resolutions. Get back to them every day. Talk about them and share them with others.

Once they become part of your mind every day, you will not fail!

Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

No one should be telling you what to put on this popular list. But here are just some suggestions of the most common goals to keep you inspired:

  • Include regular physical activity in your life
  • Eat healthy
  • Drink more water
  • Save money or invest in something
  • Improve in career 
  • Keep house clean
  • Hang-out with friends more often
  • Go on a vacation
  • Volunteer
  • Have more fun

As you can see, we have added having more fun as a suggestion for New Year’s goals. And we truly believe this is one thing we all need to try to do. We live fast, always chasing something and entertainment ends up as a victim of our lifestyle. So, next year try to always make time for amusement and fun. And one way to do that is at Master card-accepted Yabby Casino. We offer over 200 online games, a pool of fun. To spice things up, we also have monthly tournaments with cash prizes, free spins and chips. This December, test your luck by enrolling in Jingle All the Reels Tournament!

Keep planning and dreaming!

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