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Poker is one of the most famous games in the world. Whether you play poker online or in land based casinos it continues to inspire a lot of music, movies, and pop culture in general. In that manner, we think that is almost mandatory to know some of the most common poker terms. For all of you passionate poker players, Yabby Casino is giving you a little poker dictionary. Let’s check it out!


What’s Ante? Well, the ante is a mandatory bet that player needs to make before every hand. If you, as a poker player, save the ante amount prior to the start of the game, you can be more relaxed than usual.


Blinds are also mandatory bets, and they are placed in the pot before dealing the cards. Players occupy small and big blind positions on the table. This position changes after every hand, so all players will pay both big and small blind during the game.


Now, the pot! Pot is associated with the sum of money that players wager during the game or single hand. It all depends on the betting rules and the variant being played. The fun fact is that the word pot is derived from the word jackpot!


To raise means to increase the size of the already existing bet in the same round. It is generally considered that raises must be equal or higher to the previous bet. So, if an opponent bets $5, the other player must raise by at least $5. On the other hand, when raising in blind bets the minimum raise should be doubled, i.e. $10 in this case ($5 to match the previous bet and another $5 to raise).


To call means to match a bet or match a raise. Therefore, if someone says he is betting $3 and you say call, that means you are making the same bet. Plus, it even sounds cool when you say call! It makes you feel powerful, don’t you think?


The next important poker term is to fold. To fold means to throw away one’s hand and to forfeit interest in the current pot. This player doesn’t have to make any additional bets, but he cannot win. Sorry, but not sorry.


The end is near! Stay with us because only a few more terms have left. If a poker player has a hand that is not complete or wants to add more cards to make it more valuable, then he makes a draw. This hand is called drawing hand or just draw.


Showdown is a special situation in poker. In case more than one player remains in the last round, they all show their cards and compare them. The one who has the best one is a winner. In special circumstances, there can be more winners, if the significance of the cards is equal.


As we have the board in school, we have the board in poker. Logically, a board is a surface on which you play poker. Sometimes it is also called a poker table.

Community Cards

Some poker variants are played using the community cards. More precisely, community cards refer to the way cards are being dealt. In this case, cards are dealt face up at the center of the table or board and they are shared between players.

How to Be a Good Poker Player?

We are done with the poker dictionary, but we aren’t done with tips & tricks on how to be a good poker player! The most important advice that we can give you is practice! Play poker as much as you can and you will see the results. By practicing, you can enhance your skills and become a better player who can win more money. We at Yabby Casino have a lot of different poker versions and games waiting just for you to try them all!

Mastering Winning Poker Hands

When it comes to mastering poker hands, besides practice, you can also read more about poker strategies on our blog. We have written a lot about the best ways to play poker, win huge and enhance your game as much as you can.

We invite you to visit our Yabby Casino and try our poker games. With this poker dictionary, you will be able to get into the poker mood in no time!

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