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Although online video poker has its own flow of the game and its characteristics, it preserves the essence of a traditional table game. Possibly, poker is the ultimate casino game combining wits, skills, and mental stamina. Although it demands dedication to obtain the skills, poker could be potentially very rewarding. Some great masters of poker have reflected on their favorite game, and we decided to give our contribution as well. These are poker thoughts discussed at bet safe Yabby Casino.

Embracing Your Mistakes

The same as life, poker teaches you important lessons. If you are clever, you will acknowledge them and draw the conclusion. Embracing your own mistakes doesn’t refer to simply acknowledging them and nurture them further. It rather calls upon you to act.

Even the biggest among players make mistakes. However, they are aware of the fact that it is crucial to recognize their errors in judgement. Learning a game is a process which takes time. And the only way to advance in any field in life is to move forward resolving your past mistakes, doubts, shortcomings. Remember Phil Ivey who reportedly claimed:

There are tons of mistakes every session. Even for me. What separates me from a lot of the other players is that I recognize the mistakes when I make them. I just practice

This could be the ultimate poker advice and the most important among our poker thoughts selection. Recognize what you have done wrong, do your best to correct it, and never let you guard down if you wish to stay at the top.

The Illusion of Being a Constant Winner

Trying to stay at the top is an imperative for many. It is a legitimate goal towards which you should strive for. However, knowing how to accept the reality of failing sometimes is important.

Even more important is to recharge your batteries and gather willpower to continue where you left off. Apart from relying on skills and cleverness, poker also depends on luck. This inevitable spice of all casino games could be our best friend, or the worst enemy. Maybe we should all accept the fact that it is sufficient to be the best we can be. Even if that means not taking the throne every time.

Poker Thoughts on Etiquette

The unwritten rules of poker say that you should be observing a lot, watch your demeanor at the table, do not stall when it comes your turn to act. However, we would like to draw your attention to one of the most important rules – you should not “angle shoot” or take advantage of other players through using deceptive tactics.

What does this actually mean? Basically, we can distinct several aspects here. If you are part of the multi-way pot and in contact with other player regarding his/her hand you are angle shooting. Also, disguising your future action at the table is angle shooting – although this one could be difficult to distinguish. To make this clearer, lets us give an example. If you use a chip of larger size than needed, in cases when you intend to make a small bet.

Poker thoughts inevitably tackle the question of what is ethical and moral at the table. What do you say? For example, is it acceptable to take advantage of the player less skilled than you?

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