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Have you ever dreamed of playing poker at the table of one of those famous Poker Tournaments happening around the world? Excited audience, shining lights and great prizes. Continue reading to find out more details and learn about rules, famous players and venues!

Types of Poker Tournaments

Variety is the spice of life, and poker tournaments are for sure spiced. As you know, there are many different variations of poker, so the rules of the game will depend on the type of poker. Different tournaments also have different buy-ins, bidding formats, playing formats, prizes etc.

Rules: Freezeout, Re-Buy & Shootout

Regardless of the game, at the beginning, players need to pay a buy-in for which they receive a certain amount of poker chips. Only the tournament chips can be used during the play. So, in these professional tournaments, players cannot bid on their car or house, as we see in movies!

Most poker tournaments are played in the, so called, “freezeout” format. This basically means that if you lose your chips, you are out of the tournament.

If the players are allowed to re-buy their place after losing all chips, we are talking about “rebuy” format.

Another option is the “shootout” tournament, where players are divided into rounds, and the winners progress to the final table.

Betting Formats at Poker Tournaments

The betting format is one of the key definers of the game. There are 3 most used betting formats at Poker tournaments:

  1. Structured betting is a betting system where bets and raises are restricted to specific amounts,
  2. Unstructured system is a no limit format. You can raise as much as you wish.
  3. Semi-structured betting is something in between. It means that there are ranges for allowed raises.

Famous Players and Events

The popularity of poker has contributed to having many popular names in this field. For example, James Bond, in 2006 Casino Royale movie! In order to defeat terrorists, agent 007 must win in a high-stakes game of poker.

Real life poker players such as Doyle Brunson and Phil Ivey can be as intriguing as James Bond. We have a separate article, where we have brought up the Most Famous Poker Players and their stories.

These players have played in most famous tournaments such as World Series of Poker and The Crown Australian Poker Championship. Major tournaments are also held every year in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Slots Tournament and Poker Games at Yabby

While you are waiting for your chance to shine in one of these great tournaments, why don’t you try some faster and easier options available now, from the comfort of your home or on the go?

Here at casino Yabby, we have many Video Poker games available. Check out this page to find out more.

Or, you can experience what sitting at the casino table would feel like. We offer an amazing Live Dealer Games, where live dealer is assigning you the possible winning hand. Since we offer Instant Withdrawal, you will get your money right away!

Another fun option could be online casino tournaments. These are slot tournaments happening on monthly basis with a possibility of achieving a big win without putting much of your bankroll at risk.

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