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Majority of our players have experienced the benefits of playing pokies at our bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino. RTG pokies are your favorites, we know that. Pokies are dynamic and let you see the outcome of your playing instantly. Moreover, exploring the plentitude of themes and features seems like entering a candy shop. It is often difficult to choose which game to play. This text could be your pokie advantages checklist, to narrow the selection and help you decide. These are the things to pay attention to.

The Paylines

In short, let us just say that the more paylines, the better. There are pokies with a requirement to play on all paylines. Although some of you prefer pokies with fewer paylines to keep it on the safe side, more paylines have some advantages. Fewer paylines mean less risk, that is true. On the other hand, the wins strike less often.

Higher number of paylines increases your chances of winning. In pokies, it is all about forming the winning combination. Once you have all paylines active, there are more potential combinations that can make your day.

Yabby Casino features many pokies with both smaller and bigger number of paylines. One of the pokies with a very high number of paylines, and thus – greater chances of scoring the winning combo is “Vegas Lux”. It has 720 paylines to play on! Equally entertaining the “Samba Sunset“, for example has also a great number of paylines. Imagine these pokie advantages!

The Bonus Rounds

Whatever we talk about, bonus sounds good. It signifies that there would be more of something – more free spins, more chances, more cash… Bonus rounds are one of the most popular pokie advantages.

Nevertheless, if we want to talk about bonus rounds, we need to talk about the paylines again. The reason is that these two features are closely connected. If taking a risk is not your style, then playing on fewer paylines should satisfy your needs. However, at the same time, this means that you would hardly achieve the bonus round.

Remember that only when you play on all active paylines, triggering a bonus round is easily achievable. The thing is that triggering the bonus round demands that symbols line up on all active paylines.

Jackpots and the Base Game

A “jackpot” is the magical word whichever way you use it. Hitting a jackpot in life is what everyone strives for. However, this is not always easy to do in real life.

Luckily, pokies have that advantage of rewarding players with jackpots every now and then. Moreover, pokies feature several kinds of jackpots to make it easier for players to get them. From mini jackpots to major or grand ones, Yabby Casino offers so many opportunities.

If you are an experienced player, you know that the biggest jackpots are in progressive pokies. Nevertheless, in order to be able to win it, you need to prepare enough of a bankroll to play with. There is a risk, that is for sure, but the potential reward is huge!

For those of you who wish to stick to non-progressive pokies as safer but still quite rewarding choice – bet safe Yabby Casino offers many entertaining pokies. A special kind of these pokies are the ones with progressive jackpots within. The advantage of non-progressive pokies lies in a fact that amazingly the base pays more than in progressive ones.

Make your own checklist and make sure the pokie of your choice has all the features you wish to see in a game. Once you have your list, go to our bet safe casino and start spinning!

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