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Let’s be honest. You can play pokies on your own, with no guidelines whatsoever. It may take some time to get to know the symbols and the game flow, but eventually anyone can figure it out. That’s the beauty of the most popular online casino games. They are simple yet rewarding. Nevertheless, there are things to keep in mind when starting to play. These are few pokie tips that may have slipped your mind. Let us explore the matter of progressive jackpots and the current promo offer.

Progressive Jackpot Eligibility

The entire point of playing progressives is to win the progressive jackpot. However, to be eligible to win it, you usually need to fulfill a certain criterion. For example, placing higher bets than usual is a common prerequisite. Sometimes, players forget all about it and start playing without checking the rules.

One of the most important pokie tips is to make sure to always know what it takes to collect the main reward. To do this, search for the “help” section on your screen. Alternatively, you can always contact the live support should you have any questions whatsoever. Yabby is a bet safe casino with non-stop live support providing assistance and instant withdrawals.

Getting back to the jackpot topic, you must have concluded so far that not all progressive jackpots are the same. Some reward for reaching the jackpot amount, while others ask for the extra bet. Let us see what this means.

Pokie Tips on Placing the Extra Bet

There are pokies which award progressive jackpots once the pool amount hits the one previously picked by the random number generator. Player who made the last bet which reached the set amount wins the jackpot.

On the other hand, there are pokies which ask of you to match the symbols in order to award the progressive jackpot. However, these pokies usually have additional requirement, to place the extra bet which then goes into the jackpot prize pool. In a way, this is interesting because it allows players to wager various amounts of money on a base game. The jackpot bet amounts stay the same.

There are no definite pokie tips on this subject. Whether to place that extra bet is entirely up to you. If you are risk-ready then there is no reason not to invest significantly, because there is always the chance to win big time. Progressive jackpot comes as a true jewel of pokie playing.

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Always Check the Promo Offers

Where’s the fun in playing if you do not claim the promotion coupon? Online casino promotion should contain the most attractive features of online gaming experience. Talking about pokie tips, checking the promotions is a must.

Crypto casino Yabby has become known for frequent promotional offers, including both casino and blog promotions. From big bonuses to immense number of free spins, we do our best to satisfy even the most demanding punters.

Having said that, allow us to share the last of the pokie tips today. It is the last day to claim the coupon 85INSTANT. There is an 85% bonus up to $500! And yes, there is an extra benefit to this promo offer. You need to wager the deposit only once to become eligible to collect your winning.

Bitcoin casino Yabby makes sure that both depositing and withdrawing process runs smoothly and instantly. Now, hurry to claim 85INSTANT, or go for the progressive jackpot in some of the above pokies!

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