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Have you heard the aliens have landed? Crypto casino Yabby is a place where you can have your first encounter with the extra-terrestrials that are bearing gifts, believe it or not. One of the little green ones brought the coupon called Prometheus. During July, you can claim your right to use it usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And as the name suggests, Prometheus brings the massive potential, which you can start claiming today! But before jumping to gameplay, let us check out the interesting story about the titan that inspired the whole concept of today’s code.  This is Prometheus, up, close, and personal. Well… the closest we can approach from this historical distance. Join us!

Who Was or Is Prometheus?

In Yabby’s case, Prometheus is a coupon brought by a cute little green creature. Huge name for a gift from such a small ET. He whispered to us that the name of the coupon describes the magnitude of the present he has brought from outer space: 150 spins for many pokie-lovers!

We get it, ET. You are the „man“ of the hour. But, let’s check out what Prometheus means in our world. Did you know that Prometheus means the „forethinker“? And that’s not all! Prometheus was also one of the titans that defied the mighty Zeus and brought fire to humankind. Consequently, he received the punishment. Do you know what was it?

Now, as we can only imagine, the hero of such magnitute had to be celebrated through ages that followed, all the way to the present day. Inspired by the importance of the big gift he gave to humanity, we used the name Prometheus to signify the magnitude of the coupon potential. Having in mind the big number of the spins you can get on one of the most popular slots ever, you are in for a heck of a treat!

What is Prometheus Coupon About?

Prometheus coupon allows you to enjoy 150 spins on Cash Bandits 3, once you claim it. All of you who play with us regularly know how Cash Bandits 3 is popular. We can openly say that we knew it would be a success, but no one could foresee just to what extent. Month after month, this game keeps finding its place on our lists of the most popular releases, or the most paying ones. For more information, don’t be lazy, check out the monthly rewinds in the „news“ section of our blog.  

When working on a concept for a promotion of this kind, we always have in mind that the game in question must be hot. What is the worth of 150 spins if we give them on a low potential pokie? So, what is the potential behind Cash Bandits 3?

Cash Bandits 3 Potential

Is it enough if we say the top reward is 115,000 times your bet? Or that the game allows for up to 390 free spins? Now, the true potential comes to life and shines with that fiery strength. Add the 150 spins you get with the Prometheus coupon and sky is the limit.

If I were you, I would head right to the Cashier to claim the code. But if you are stil indecisive, check out some additional info on the Cash Bandits 3 slot.

Everyone’s favourite feature – the Vault Feature opens with you breaking the code. More on this, you can find in our game review at this link. As you will see, at this part of the game you can get as much as 200 free spins with the 6x multiplier.

Prometheus has really outdone himself in both legend and in our July promotion. We wish you all titan-like wins! Experience the fiery potential of the Prometheus coupon before it expires. Let this Thursday be the happiest so far. Take care!

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