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The best and the easiest game to play at any casino is a pokie. The potential it carries and the simplicity of playing, made pokie the most popular casino game worldwide. Moreover, a person doesn’t have to be very skilled to play pokies. Apart from the basic rules, there is apparently no strategy to playing pokies. Or is there? Today we bring you the explanation to one of the few aspects of this game that can lead you to higher payouts. Pokie lovers, here we go!

Is It About Betting the Maximum Coins?

If you are old school kind of a person who prefers land-based casinos, it may happen that you got accustomed to the rules of mechanical pokie machines. The more coins you bet there, the higher the payout. However, online video pokies differ in many ways. The most important one is the fact they feature more reels and symbols, allowing for a different payline settings.

Also, betting more coins can be worthwhile when you play on three-reel pokie with multipliers and hit the jackpot. If this happens, and you have bet the maximum number of coins, the winning amount will most probably multiply significantly. Nevertheless, this kind of a “push” is usual for mechanical machines rather than for video pokies.

Paylines and the Strategy to Playing Pokies Online

When it comes to video pokies, the rules of the game change slightly. Many online pokies have five reels and usually 20 paylines, although at our bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino there are many pokies with much more paylines available. You will see why this is important.

The paybacks are proportional to the coins you wager per payline, they say. Moreover, there is no significant increase in the jackpot if you bet the maximum number of coins.  So, how to increase the payout then?

The answer is simple: the strategy to playing pokies should include the paylines. The more paylines you bet on, the higher the chances to getting to the bigger payout. Bigger number of active paylines increases the chances of landing the winning combination. It is that simple. And since in video pokies sometimes you need just 2 same symbols to trigger the bonus event, you see why keeping more paylines in active mode increases the chances. Speaking of which, have you tried the 243 paylines in “Witchy Wins” already? Or, perhaps, you prefer the total madness of the 720 paylines in “Vegas Lux”?  

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Bonus Rounds as Part of the Strategy to Playing Pokies

So, we now know why playing on as many paylines as possible is important – to be able to get to the more bonus rounds, for example. The question that we should ask here is: why bonus rounds are so desirable?

Getting to more bonus rounds should be one of your goals. The reason is that bonus rounds are part of the play where you get the most of it without the need to wager more. Furthermore, online pokies usually feature more than one bonus round. Therefore, activate the paylines and keep spinning to get to the best part of every pokie! You can do it with the minimum coins per line as well. Just make sure to cover all the paylines.

An important part of your strategy to playing pokies should be playing at the bet safe casino that also provides fast payouts. While enjoying the advantages of Yabby Casino, you are at the right place.  Stay safe!

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