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Survive for $5,000 in Endurance Rumble

By September 5, 202314 Comments

Last Man Standing games have been all the rage the past few years. Whether it be Fortnite, PUBG, or DayZ, players have been mightily attracted to the budding genre. Well, Yabby’s decided to dig his claws in the foray. We’re launching our own take on Last Man Standing on Sept. 5th for our gamers: Endurance Rumble! So, let’s get ready to learn about it in detail, let’s get readyyyyy…to…RUMBLE!


Who Can Participate?

Well, we want a good, clean fight, so let’s be clear on the basics. Endurance Rumble is open to all comers who’ve made a deposit with Yabby Casino between March 1st of this year and the tourney’s start, Sept. 5th. That’s it! No weight classes, nothing more. Everyone’s on equal footing at the start, toe-to-toe.


What’s at Stake in Endurance Rumble?

You probably already noticed this: you’re diving into a $5,000 Prize Pool, aiming to survive to the end of the tourney. Up to 20 winners will be named at the end, but a single grand champion is a possibility. If there are more than 20 competitors remaining at the end of Endurance Rumble, the top 20 will be chosen based on which players wagered more. The tournament itself is running until Sept. 30th, so you’ll have to keep up the tempo. But, you ask…

How Do I Win?

Make a clean deposit (minimum $50) every day of the competition until the final bell rings at month’s end. What’s a clean deposit? Simple: deposits qualify as “clean” when they’re made without an associated boost or Free Spins accompaniment. That’s it! Now, of course, you have to roll with the punches. What happens if you don’t?

How Do I Get Knocked Out?

Competition is fierce in this rumble in the undersea jungle. To keep your standing in the ranks, you can’t miss a day’s deposit. That’s right, for a chance to grab as much as you can from the $5,000 Prize Pool, you’ll have to swim or sink. Miss a day’s qualifying deposit, and you’re out! That’s not the kind of countdown you want to hear.

Let the Games Begin!

Hungry for the grand prize? Take a jab at that prize pool! Make your first qualifying, clean deposit by the end of Sept. 5th, and keep it up daily to keep your place on the leaderboard! Best of luck to all the players. Here’s to your championship belt!



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