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Sweet Shop Collect Hits the Reels with 60 FS

By June 1, 2023June 5th, 202315 Comments

The most mouth-watering slot yet has just hit Yabby Casino. You liked Sweet 16 and Sweet 16 Blast, but you will love Sweet Shop Collect. Welcome to the candy shop that has a house specialty of 75,000 times bet per line as the top reward. Also, we haven’t forgotten about the 60 free spins as a special gift for you, so you can put our words to the test. Let us take a closer look at the candies and what these can do for you.

Sweet Shop Collect Overview

The usual 5 reels and 25 paylines do not even come close to describing what type of the slot you have before you. There are delicious features to satisfy even the strongest of cravings.

Have you ever thought of collecting candies as a hobby? You may want to reconsider. As the name suggests, Sweet Shop Collect sets you on a path to piling the sweet treat. All in order to trigger some of the generous game sequences.

This slot is of medium volatility, which provides a steady flow of winnings without exhausting your bankroll. As for the winning direction, all symbols pay Left to Right except Scatter.

The Wild Feature

Game’s logo is the Wild. It substitutes for all symbols except for the Scatter. All minor symbols which are not part of the spin winning combination pile up at the end of any random spin and trigger the Candy Collect Feature.

Every time the feature activates, the collectors continue to fill with symbols that can burst at any point awarding the Bonus prize. The Bonus Prize Multiplier applies to the total bet. When the prize is awarded, the Collector empties and the feature restarts.

The Scatter Feature

Sweeter than Sugar symbol is the Scatter. You will need at least 3 Scatters to activate the Free Games Feature with 10 Free Games. In this part of the game, you can trigger the above-described Candy Collector more frequently. 4, or 5 Scatter symbols trigger 15, or 20 Free Games, respectively.

Moreover, during Free Games, the multipliers go up to 5x on any spin. You should know that the multiplier applies only to Free Games spin winnings and does not include the Candy Collector Bonus Prize.

Also, minor symbols here appear on the reels, so the Candy Collect Feature triggers often. You can play the Free Games at the bet amount of the triggering spin without changing the bet. Feature ends when there are no more Free Games left, or upon you achieve the maximum payout. Eventually, you can re/trigger the Free Games Feature.

Sweet Shop Collect and Its 60 Freebies

If you read all of the above, you realized that Sweet Shop Collect is a very straightforward game with big potential.  It’s like Candy Crush Saga, only more rewarding. And as if the game itself is not enough, we add 60 free spins for you to give it a try.  Promotion lasts till June 7th, 2023. The only requirement is that you have deposited at least $50 in the last 180 days. You better hurry to check it out, maybe you have already qualified. Don’t let the free spins go to waste.

Sweet Shop Collect PLAY NOW



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  • Pamela Hoppers says:

    Username: Pamie27

    Mighty Drums

  • Reece Johnson says:

    I think the new Slot is ok wish I win more and get paid out more it seems u have to get the whole thing filled in to make and kind of payout

  • Marissa says:

    This slot is okay. Not as fun as I expected. Not to many bonuses come out of it after playing a couple times but would definitely give it another try.

  • Paulette Dillard says:

    This slot, on a scale 1-10, is promoted as being an eleven across the board. However, in my opinion, I’d rank it as having an intensity level of about a 5. Although it’s granted “wins” could easily rank around an 8 the “win payouts” come in at about a 3. I say this because (ONLY using random amounts for the purpose of this example) if I spin & hit wagering $1.00, I’d get returned $0.20 in the base game if I get lucky and advance to the bonus round (FS) I might break even or get a total returned of about $1.10. The reality of this game doesn’t come close to the astronomical potential it carries. If/when you get past that disappointment… it then becomes just another random game taking up space on the site.

  • Marysol Ochoa-Sitterley says:

    honestly at first I wasn’t really sure I like this new game. it seemed like I couldn’t hit the bonus and when I did it didn’t seem to give a nice pay out. but all of a sudden bam! got one big win after another. definitely one of my new favs.

  • Lawrence Fagan says:

    Very fast paced slot! I like the colorful settings and the shapes in this game.. makes it more of a mobile game foreal! I give it 8 out of 10! The control on the stops is great!

  • Marci Moore says:

    ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴅᴇᴇᴍ

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