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Hello, movers and shakers! Yabby is excited to see you after a month, which passed since our last Ocean Adventure. With all strange things going on worldwide, he decided to chill out. The winds that blow across the continent bring change and Yabby is not sure whether he has prepared properly. As far as Yabby is concerned, spring is in the air and these days are for resting. Apparently, Yabby forgot what it was like to simply hang about. However, as excitement always finds him, this time is no different. Yabby has a question for you. Guessing the star name gets you 200 FREE SPINS, as usual. Do not miss to take 200 spins!

Spring Nights

These are the nights when everything smells and sounds perfectly tuned. This is the time when you feel the unexplained excitement, right, mates? Sweet anticipation, I like to call it.

I remember that during one of such nights, I fell deeply in love . This is what nights in Australia can do to a man. Well, ok to males in general, and yabbies are no different. There was also the night when I drank so much that I didn’t remember how I ended up with a nasty tattoo of a shark on my back, as if calling for a trouble.  Or the time when I kissed a girl for the first time. Those were the years.

This night was slightly different in a way I wasn’t searching for love. Simply, I needed some rest.

The place I chose for laziness was a rock close to my home. Nicely tucked in the sand, but sticking out of the water, it gave me a perfect view of the spring sky over my home.  

The View

Serene waters, breeze of fresh air and a view of the brightest star in the sky. I imagined it smiled at me and became my companion in reminiscing my life. Like the gorgeous and elegant lady, it winked at me, as if to tell everything is going to be alright. Guessing the star name was never my intention, but I couldn’t help but wonder….

Guessing the Star Name

Your task, my mates, is to guess the name of the brightest star which illuminates Australian nights. I will give you some hints though. Leave the right answer in the comments below this post. Make sure to include your username and to provide the answer within the specified timeframe.

The star which accompanied me that night is also called the Dog Star. It is the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation.  Originally, the Greek name for this star meant “glowing” or “scorching”. When you pronounce its name, it sounds similar to the adjective describing someone or something significant.

Can you guess the star name? Quick! Think or google it! Yabby is waiting for your comments.


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