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Were you a type of a child who would open the toy and deconstruct it to its smallest pieces, just to see how it works? If so, this text may be just for you. We play with pokies and we enjoy the visuals and the unpredictable outcomes they offer. Above all, we always strive for more. Ultimately, pokies could be the easiest way to get your hands on some cash. However, someone had to design them and make sure that each betting outcome is unpredictable. This is a sneak peek at how pokies work and whether you should bet more to get more at bet safe Yabby Casino.

At the Core of it All, there is RNG

Thank God for math. Without it, we would be lost, trying to add some order to this crazy world. Mathematical algorithms have their roots in mathematics. Each random number generator (RNG) represents a mathematical algorithm.

The good thing about this fact is that RNGs ensure the fair play. This application determines the winning combination. It does so without interference from any side or aspect. The RNG does not keep track of the wagers. What it does is generating numbers which you see as symbols. These numbers do not relate to your betting amount.

On one hand, it is good to know that you have an ally of this kind on your side. RNGs are practically small “super computers” able to perform calculus quite randomly. How cool is that? On the other hand, they are completely unpredictable to the brains of normal, regular people like you and me. So, what we have here is an application doing its business, i.e. generating numbers in a way that ensures the result is not rigged. Simultaneously, that same application is extremely difficult to decipher. Impossible, to be precise.

The Way to Higher Payback Percentage  

Since you are reading, I guess you are familiar with the saying that goes “Those who risk, win.” Experience has probably taught you that this is true. You need to man up if you want to be a winner, in any aspect of your life. In that respect, we can agree that every player needs to invest something if he or she wishes to see some improvement in skills and increase in their account.

Now, we can discuss how much a player needs to bet to get those payback percentages increase. Should you bet more? The short answer is – yes, but not necessarily.

  • Your game with higher bets will payout in certain cases:
  • Watch out for the pay tables. If these are disproportionate, higher betting can give results.
  • Also, in case there are buy-a-pay symbols for unlocking, higher bets could be profitable.
  • Furthermore, playing on 3-reel pokies is also an example of when you higher bets can payout. These pokies award higher jackpots. The same goes for progressive pokies.

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