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This article is for those of you who love the upcoming Turkey Day, a bit of history and fun facts. While we are waiting for Thursday and the upcoming promo offer, let’s find out some interesting Thanksgiving fun facts. You might be surprised what you will learn about this popular holiday!

Thanksgiving Fun Facts About Food

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey. But did you know that turkey was not even on the menu at the beginning of celebrating this holiday? Housewives preferred duck, goose, lobster. Nowadays, around 45 million turkeys are cooked every Thanksgiving! And 50 million pumpkin pies! How important the turkey-making is to people, shows the fact that certain companies have hotlines open for all the turkey-related questions. And they receive thousands of calls every day.

Other than turkey, potatoes, pumpkin, and cranberry were on the tables from the start. And those tables, they are really overflowing with foods and goods. Did you know that an average person eats over 4000kcal during this specific Thursday? That is twice the recommended. But hey, it is Thanksgiving only once a year!

Little Thanksgiving History

The Thanksgiving tradition began in the 17th century and originated from harvest feast shared by the English colonists (Pilgrims). And In that time, it lasted couple of days. We could use longer Thanksgiving, right? At least now we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and “Drinksgiving”, all happening in the same week.

Drinksgiving? Sounds like something with potential! It is an unofficial holiday also referred to as The Black Wednesday, which is booming in some places. It is the night before Thanksgiving and the main task is to go to bars, drink and have fun. Let’s hope it will become a national holiday one day! As for the Thanksgiving, it got its national holiday title during the era of American president Abraham Lincoln. And the date when it is celebrated has been changing over time. Now we stick to the last Thursday in November.

More Thanksgiving Fun Facts

  • Now we know Jingle Bells as a Christmas song. It started as the Thanksgiving one.
  • There are four towns in the US named “Turkey.”
  • There are 12 people at an average Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Around 54 million Americans will travel to visit their friends and family this Thanksgiving. Imagine the traffic jam!
  • The number of people who are skipping Thanksgiving dinner to wait in lines for Black Friday is rising. Are the discounts really that good?
  • Thanksgiving (in a different forms) is also celebrated in Canada, Australia, Liberia, Brazil and many other countries.

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