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Some players like to play games without having the need to share their personal data. They just want to get some fun and don’t want someone else knows that. If you are that kind of player we have good news for you. The best deposit method for playing games anonymously is using some of the cryptocurrencies.

When we talk about the positive things of crypto, first of all, we must mention that unlike other deposit methods such as credit cards it is strictly digital. It is built for the digital age and because of that, it is the perfect choice for online casino play. No mether which cryptocurrency you prefer the truth is that their use is very simple, fast, safe and anonymously.

Cryptos and Personal Data

Many online casinos, such as Yabby Casino, offer to their players the ability to enjoy the games without needing to register for an account or offer any personal information. Due to the nature of digital currencies, when making a transaction, no details about the originating or delivery party are shared on the blockchain. The only details which are made available are the transaction timestamp, addresses responsible and the amount transacted. This makes it extremely difficult and inefficient for governments to track those using the crypto for online gambling.

It isn’t a secret that Bitcoin is the most used crypto in the world. You have to know that before you can make your first Bitcoin deposit, you must open your personal Bitcoin wallet on some of the many websites that offer this service and check out how to secure your wallet. After that, you need to buy Bitcoin and we recommend you to do this always from trusted and regulated exchange. On the end transfer Bitcoin to your e-wallet.

It is enough words for this story. Now, you try some crypto you like to use and get an awesome reward for your first deposit.

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