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If you’re a competitive person, being able to compete against other players is one of the important online casino features that you’re looking for. Online slot tournaments give you the chance to show your skills against others and get great prizes. Read on to discover everything you need to know before you enter the special tournament at instant withdrawal casino Yabby.

How Online Slot Tournaments Work?

Tournaments allow online slot players to compete for a ranking on a leaderboard. The rule is simple, the more you play, the higher your rank gets. At the end of the competition, a set amount of real money and free chips and spins will be shared out between the winners.

Online slot tournaments are a great way of getting some extra cash for all players who already play slots online.

Types of Tournaments

The most popular distinction of this type of casino offer is related to buy-in. Namely, slot tournaments can be free, or you have to pay a buy-in to participate.

Free Slot tournaments

These are also called freeroll tournaments, and don’t have an entry fee in order to take part in it. While you may not win real money prizes, you may be rewarded with lots of free spins.

Buy-in Slot tournaments

These tournaments cost a fee to enter. The cost will depend on the type of tournament, but usually, you can enter one of them for as little as $1. The benefit of entering a buy-in slot tournament is that you’ll be in to win real money prizes!

The ranking appears in accordance with either the leaderboard or points in a tournaments.

Leaderboard Slot Tournaments

Usually, this type involves paying an entry fee and playing certain games. Players score points by either wagering or winning money to move up a leaderboard throughout a certain time period.

Points Slot Tournaments

Here, the entry fee will grant players some tokens or play chips. They can then use these to play with these in place of real money and can win the pre-determined prize pool payouts.

Special Slot-o-Battle Tournament at Yabby

Alternatively, online casinos may set players some kind of challenge that invites them to play online slots for real money to get prizes. Special Slot-o-Battle-Tournament at crypto friendly casino Yabby creates opportunities for all slot lovers to keep spinning for their ranks on weekly basis and collect rewards.

This tournament with no buy-in has a prize pool of $1500 in cash and 1000 free spins that we share among participants every week.

Once you take that leading position, you can expect to claim $300 in cash. The next 2 ranks will receive $200 and $100 respectively, while the remaining players who rank up to 50th place will share free chips and free spins.

Slot-Battle winners raising the bar always! Join them in this winning cycle!

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