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Speaking the language of gambling can be fun and cool. Nevertheless, it can also be confusing if you are not familiar with the language and don’t know where to look for the explanation. Crypto casino Yabby brings to you the selection of the three most frequently used gambling idioms. We like to think of them as of hidden jewels, since they can hide small life wisdoms.

Gambling Idioms in Everyday Speech

In gambling it is all about the odds, the chances, the money. The same as in life, don’t you agree? It is no wonder that gambling phrases have found their way into everyday speech. This is no news. It has been happening for centuries. More precisely, ever since the men discovered the game of dice.

How many times have you heard that someone has “sweeten the pot” to attract you to do something? Or perhaps you received the advice not to “show the cards” too early? These are just few examples of how deeply rooted the gambling language is in our lives. When you come to think of it, this lingo exchange is the two-way street. The same way this gambling language reflects in our daily lives, those lives we lead and the characters we build reflect in the decisions we make when playing the game.

However, this is a separate topic, and we will not go that far today. If it interests you, we can only invite you to read some of the older posts on our blog, such as What Poker Teaches Us About Life?

Selection of the Most Common Gambling Idioms

When the Chips Are Down

First of the three gambling idioms is not something you may hear that often. The above line is something people use when they want to describe the difficult situation. Let’s be honest, no one wants to learn the chips are down. Translated roughly, we can say that this idiom refers to “when in need” or “when the situation is serious or urgent”.

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Die Is Cast

In the original Latin, “Alea Iacta Est” refers to reaching the point of no return. We believe that this idiom originally belongs to Julius Caesar. Reportedly, he said it upon crossing the Rubicon River and entering what-is-today’s North of Italy. This meant starting the war against Pompeii, and there was no turning back.

When you say that the die is cast, you try to convey the meaning of a definitive decision. There is no second thinking because the circumstances don’t allow it.

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Up the Ante

This is one of my favorite idioms, because it refers to raising the stakes. To gain something you need to give something. It is an ancient-old truth. True gamblers are risk takers, ready to seize every opportunity to beat the system and grab the money.

In gaming, the idiom “up the ante” means to raise the stakes. In real-life, it refers to increasing the value or importance of the topic we are talking about. Either way, it calls for attention, raising the bar, risking – all in search of a higher power or gain. One of the coolest gambling idioms, if you ask me.

The above three gambling idioms are just few of the multitude of lines we use in both gambling and life. We bet there are some you use daily, without even noticing. Let us know what your favorite gambling idioms are.

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