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Looking forward to Halloween? So do we. It doesn’t matter whether you actually participate in trick or treating or just enjoy all the craziness of the holiday. Halloween is about having fun and celebrating an end of a cycle. Every year, people put a lot of effort in decorations, food, and costumes. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered about the Halloween monsters and where they come from? There must have been a good story behind every scary character we impersonate on Halloween. Today, we explored but a few. However, you are more than welcome to research for yourself. Moreover, we invite you to dig deep into our Halloween themed pokies as well. Who knows what kind of Halloween monsters await?   


Ghosts and creatures alike are inevitable topic of every Halloween, and not just on this special occasion. These Halloween monsters are among the oldest symbols of Halloween. Apparently, even in ancient times, people have been reporting ghost sightings. We can find mentions of ghosts in various myths and legends. One of the oldest written accounts of ghost sightings is the letter by the Roman author Pliny the Younger. He reported about seeing the vision of an old man in chains, appearing in his house.

One of the more recent interesting stories about ghosts is the one that says that the ghost of Al Capone appeared at his own funeral. However, the ghost reportedly appeared only to disrespectful visitors.  The urban myth says the unexplained phenomena started happening way before, when he was an inmate at Alcatraz.

From our modern-day perspective it is difficult to assess what those old texts or folk tales were referring to. It remains a mystery whether these were all made up stories or truly unexplained phenomenon.

Researchers believe that the very existence of ghosts in stories represents the answer to the human need to explain the inexplicable question – is there life after death? We know that energy never dies, but simply transforms. We also know that we are all made of flesh and energy. Therefore, the energy should take some form after the flesh dies, right?

Well, at least half of the Americans believe that ghosts exist. Moreover, it has been estimated that every fifth American believes that he or she has seen a ghost. Have you seen one?

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Today, under the influence of movies, we believe that zombies are mindless creatures whose only goal is to devour humans. However, the origins of zombies go way back, and the story is a bit different, although equally scary.

Namely, it is believed that the concept of a zombie monster originates from the island of Haiti. Inhabited by slaves who went through the toughest of ordeals, Haiti was apparently the fruitful soil to grow myths about zombies. Eventually, stories about zombies evolved to becoming the tales about some of the scariest Halloween monsters of all time.  

Originally, people in Haiti believed that when a slave tries to kill himself and fails, he becomes a zombie. According to folk tales, those zombies were cursed to wander the Earth as dead bodies that haunt their previously loved ones. The story appears to be a reference to the universal notion of the suicide being regarded as a sin.  

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Nowadays we believe that stories of werewolves originate from the Germanic tribes and their religious beliefs. Namely, in ancient times, before Christianity took over, German pagans believed that werewolves were the Gods’ warriors.

However, if we take a closer look at even older resources, we can see that there have been mentions of werewolves “The Epic of Gilgamesh”. It is the oldest epic poem which we know of today.  In it, Gilgamesh, the King of Uruk, decided not to sleep with a woman because he feared she would turn him into a werewolf – the same as she did with her previous lover.  

We have obviously come a long way from then if we consider the mentioning of werewolves in the media. Today, werewolves are Halloween monsters and fictional characters in novels and movies.  

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