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Safe payment methods are crucial when it comes to online gaming. When playing at an online casino safety should come first. Apart from checking out the casino before engaging in a game, you should also get acquainted in advance with the money processing. After all, this is your money we are talking about. Yabby Casino can proudly say that we host one of the best secured and the fastest payment methods. These allow you to both deposit and withdraw your money within minutes. These are the top 3 safe payment methods.


As a quick reminder, Ethereum was launched as a network in 2015.  Primarily, the goal was to develop the blockchain network similar to Bitcoin’s. This Ethereum network would enable developers to do apps on decentralized network and to execute them in accordance with smart contracts.  Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) became the second most popular crypto in the world.

Fast forward 6 years, ETH is one of the most sought-after stores of value. It is also one of the safe payment methods at your favorite crypto friendly Yabby Casino. At the moment of writing of this text, its price is set at $1,633.07. This is tremendous success. Initially, the price of ETH was low and barely surpassed $15 in February 2017. After this, it saw a sudden surge the same year reaching the price of $1,066 in January 2018. Afterwards there were big fluctuations of the price before it hit the record high in December 2020.

Regardless of the market trends, the image of ETH remained. Still, right next to BTC it is one of the fastest and most reliable cryptos. Having in mind the wide applications of its network – Ethereum, we can say that ETH has some advantages. Block time, for example. It takes seconds to confirm the ETH transaction, as opposed to minutes when Bitcoin is concerned.

In case you haven’t had the chance to deposit and withdraw in ETH, maybe it is time to try!

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Litecoin is the blockchain-based product. This is an open source, global payment decentralized network. They say that Litecoin features “near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world”. Luckily, bet safe and crypto friendly Yabby Casino has got you covered on Litecoin processing as well. Meet one more safe payment method!

Litecoin has been around since 2011 and its price fluctuated a lot. At the height of its power, it was slightly over $237 in December 2017.  Nowadays, you can buy it for $148,33. As you can see, it is more affordable than ETH, and way easier to get your hands on than BTC – unless you are focusing on satoshis only. Check here for the best Litecoin mining software.

Litecoin’s main benefits are its speed and low transaction costs. Comparing to BTC, this crypto has lightning speed processing and extremely low cost.

We invite you to explore the topic of safe payment methods further and find the deposit and withdrawal method that suits you best. Our banking page can be a good place to start. Remember that Yabby Casino is live 24/7. You are welcome to transform your cryptos to big winnings, as well as to collect the prizes whenever you are ready! Take care!

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