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Gather all, gather all! I got some Black Friday facts for you factoids eager to learn where ever you go. I’ve got some old facts, some new facts, some horrific, some funny plus some guidance to wrap it all up. But be wary. It gets weird…

Fact #5 The First Back Friday almost destroyed the economy

Now put yourself in the shoes of a person in 1869. You are probably a civil war veteran struggling to make ends meet in an achingly slow economic rebuild of your country. Just before you go to your job in some steam-powered factory you catch a glance a the morning news. “The price of gold plummets to $138”. You’re shrug and walk away.

Unbeknownst to you, two schemers (Jay Gould and Jim Finsk) cornered the gold market and are holding it ransom. They manipulate its price by creating a fake scarcity and it backfires, hard. The market crashes, the economy stagnates and a lot of lives are ruined to boot. And, they get off scot-free because the government was in on it, plus they were filthy rich so that helped.

Yea, it gets worst from here… next fact!

Fact # 4 So much death (14 dead from 2006 and onward)

Black Friday really didn’t catch on until the mid-’90s and really started going into overdrive in 2006 (10 people injured). Then from that year up until now, 14 deaths were recorded that could be attributed to the Black Friday frenzy. That’s double the amount of death caused in the U.S. by shark attacks in the same time frame! Here is the story of the first death that marked this less than classy tradition.

It’s November 28th, 2008 and Jdimytai Damour,34, wasn’t even a part of the regular Walmart staff. He was a part-timer, hired as an extra hand, so they could stand a chance against the mounting horde. 

At 4:50 he was put on the front line, to hold the already inward curving glass door. Then a crack, the door mechanism malfunction and the crowd starts pouring in a few minutes before the official opening. The man is trampled without any remorse. His coworker tried to help but it was too late. An ambulance took him not long after but the wounds were too severe and he passed away. Next fact.

Fact # 3  It’s the busiest day of the year for plumbers 

So on a lighter note, we go to an industry that probably forms the backbone of modern society. With Black Friday coming just after the Thanksgiving feast it’s not hard to imagine why this is a fact. Ehm. More like Brown Friday am I right, up top!

Jokes aside, plumbers get up to 50% more calls on Black Friday than on any other day of the year. The number one issue that plumbers are called in to fix is not a clogged toilet. It’s the much-feared stealthy clogged kitchen sink drain. I guess the issues are more in the leftovers than in the main meal. Back with violence, next fact!

Fact # 2  Over 12% of people admitted to going shopping drunk 

I’d reckon the real number is much higher but even this explains a lot. This is based on a survey done by, so the people surveyed probably didn’t tell the whole truth. Again I say, the Thanksgiving dinner probably has something to do with that. Now for the drunken violence.

2016, Vancouver Canada, a middle-aged man is watching outside The Adidas store for the then-new BAPE x Adidas. But his senses are tingling, something is wrong, the crowd is getting a bit rowdy.” I know, this is a job Beltman” he said under his breath.

In instant, too quick to be noticed by a human eye he takes his shirt off and whips out his belt, ready for action. And thus Beltman was born and started whipping the living hell out of people. But his hero day was short-lived as he was promptly knocked out and arrested by the local police. Truly a hero Black Friday didn’t need but definitely deserved. To Fact number one!

Fact  #1 Black Friday isn’t even the biggest shopping day

Yea, you heard me. Black Friday sales on average aren’t so great price-wise. Sure there’s the front and center item with an amazing discount but that’s just the face of the operations. The other items are marked-up a week before Black Friday and then bam a big discount to feast your eyes. Plus, there’s the whole deal with the manufacturer producing lower quality models on the cheap which looks identical to a quality product. Look it up.

But there is another who has been with us since the beginning of consumerism. Yes, I am referring to our messiah the last Saturday before Christmas aka Super Saturday. With an average discount of 18% ( Black Friday’s  5%) and with a generally less lethal atmosphere, it’s the clear winner. So, I advise you to stay, play some slots and wait for Cyber Monday.

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