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When it comes to gambling anything is possible. Your life can be easily changed, with a single flip and spin. There have been intriguing stories through the history of gambling that have earned a meaningful status. While there are plenty of interesting stories, some of them especially caught our attention and we wanted to share them with our readers. Stay with us to hear about the top 5 gambling stories.

Gonzalo Garsia Pelayo

Let’s start this list with a man that is the biggest gambler’s inspiration. Gonzalo Garsia Pelayo, also known as the God of Roulette, was a Spanish music producer. He is considered as one of the founders of the Andalusian rock movement. Lead by desire to earn more money, he started gambling. While doing that, he noticed imperfections of roulette machine and decided to make the most of it.

Math Virtuoso

Often called math virtuoso, Gonzalo took months observing roulette wheel and invented techniques based on analysis and statistics. Not placing any wagers on the spins, he just measured the results of nearly thousand spins. His children helped him with this project by collecting all the data. Gonzalo used these techniques on different roulette wheels across the country. Finally, he started touring various casinos from around the world and reportedly won a lot of money. The word of mouth is that he won around 70 million pesetas (around $700k) in less than a year later. From the casinos in Las Vegas, the family had made over $2 million before deciding to quit. In 2003, Gonzalo wrote the book The Fabulous Story of The Pelayos that gives more details of overcoming the roulette wheel.

Patricia Demauro

Here comes probably the most sympathetic character of gambling stories – the woman who reportedly scored a record at craps. Craps is known as the world’s most common dice game and fundamentally, it is a game of chance. Patricia, a grandma from New Jersey, gained a record in rolling a pair of dice at a craps table, without throwing a seven. This way she became the Golden Arm – a craps player who has rolled dice for over one hour without losing.

Longest Craps Rolls Ever

Can you guess how many times she threw this pair of dice? Without keeping you in suspense, she did it 154 times continuously. This lucky streak lasted 4 hours and 18 minutes. Statistics professor Thomas Cover who works at Stanford University says that the chances of this are roughly 1 in 1.5 trillion. New Jersey’s grandma says she had played craps only once before and that she has been inexperienced. She didn’t want to reveal how much money she won. Gambling experts think that if she was making good bets, her winnings must be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Craps play now

Ashley Revell

Continuing the list of Top 5 Gambling Stories with, as we assume, a very familiar name to the gamblers. This is a story about a man who decided to resign all his possessions and bet his life savings on one single roulette spin.

Double or Nothing

This daring move was filmed by Sky One for reality show Double or Nothing. This 32-year-old man at the time bet $135,300. The viewers were helping him to make a decision if he should go with red or black. These heart-stopping moments when the wheel was spinning gave Ashley tremendous feeling of relief and renewed energy certainly. As you suppose, Revell doubled his money and earned $270,600.


We have all heard of FedEx. This global leader in delivering packages that moves millions of items every day has a very interesting background story connected to gambling.

Saved by Blackjack

Three years after its launch, the company almost hit bankrupt. The founder of it Frederick W. Smith was reportedly left with only about $5000 in the bank account. It wasn’t possible to pay the fuel expenses of planes. Then, Frederick purportedly did something incredible. The story goes that he took these $5000 and flew to Las Vegas for the weekend. And he played Blackjack with the company resources. Until Monday, FedEx had $32,000 in its bank account.

Roulette Trio Wins with Laser

The last story is about three charming people coming from Eastern Europe. 17 years ago, at the Ritz Casino in London, two Serbian men and a Hungarian lady managed to make a miracle. After winning $100 000 the night before, this small group of people won an additional two million dollars playing roulette. They reportedly used laser scanner hidden in a mobile phone linked to a computer. The laser measured the speed of the ball and the roulette wheel, and hence the number most likely to come up. The trio was arrested after the management of the casino suspected it was a fraud. Their funds were frozen for some time but eventually police closed the case because they had broken no laws. Finally, the three were allowed to leave with their money.

These were top 5 gambling stories that we chose for you. We hoped you enjoyed them. For the people who are always in the mood for earning good money, we offer online gambling. If your ambitions match these in previous stories, you should definitely give it a try. To start your journey, visit Yabby Casino and try your luck. Yabby also gives you safe betting services and a possibility to deposit in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can make the best out of the opportunities and make good money. All the best!

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