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With no exaggeration, we can say that cryptos are becoming a part of our daily lives. The world of cryptocurrencies is alive and active, and so are we at the Yabby Casino! Online casinos are switching to the crypto way of payment at lightning speed. Honestly speaking, there are a lot of reasons for that. Some of them are speed, anonymity, and lower transaction fees.

With the rise of cryptos, the diversity of this type of virtual money also got richer. Today various types of cryptocurrencies are at play. Still, you should know how to detect the best ones, especially the ones that are great to use in the world of online casinos. Here is a list of the top five cryptocurrencies that you should use if you want to gamble online!

Best Online Casino Sites

When you are looking for an online casino that suits you the most it is important to know what you should look for. Instant withdrawal, safe bets, various deposit methods, and hot prizes and bonuses are all the things that you should consider when choosing your betting home.

It would be dishonest of us if we would not say that our casino is the best one, according to the standards we have just mentioned above. Nevertheless, we must emphasize that we at the Yabby Casino, give you the possibility to instantly withdraw your funds 24 hours a day 7 days per week and that is something that is extremely important and rare when you are looking for an online betting place.

Additionally, we provide you with the top five different cryptocurrencies that you can and should use if you want to play online casino games. All of them are available at Yabby and you can check them out in the following passages!


Bitcoin is a type of digital and private money that gives you a chance to operate with it, without the involvement of the government or the bank. It is safe, with almost non-existing fees and both privacy and security at a maximum level. To find out more about ways to get the fastest Bitcoin withdrawal click here.


Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency platform. Yet you should pay attention that Ethereum and Ether (ETH) are not the same. Ethereum is the network, while Ether (ETH) is the cryptocurrency. A bright future is ahead of this type of cryptocurrency so keep up with its development. To stay informed and to learn more about it visit our blog.


Litecoin is also one of the top five things that the world of cryptos has to offer. When it comes to gambling in our casino, it is important to know that Litecoin has wallets that can be used both online and offline. Those used offline are probably the most secure wallets out there and we refer to those as “cold storages”.


The story of the origin of Dogecoin is actually funny. Believe it or not, this cryptocurrency was created as a type of joke that is called a meme. At the time of its creation, the crypto world was still a distant dream. So, Dogecoin was made to make fun of the ‘wild’ stories of some virtual money, and it was called meme coin as well as dog coin. Well, tables have turned and who is laughing now? If you want to try this funny payment method and play with us visit Yabby Casino.


DASH is a relatively newly accepted deposit method. Still, its benefits are obvious. For example, DASH’s fees are almost non-existent. Allegedly, BitInfoCharts says that the average DASH fee is roughly about $0.031! The only fee that you should worry about if you deposit in this cryptocurrency is a potential wallet fee.

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